In a way we are all responsible for each other
It is normal to think that one is not liable for a wrongdoing at the hands of another
It is normal to seek an apology from the wrongdoer or punish that particular one and not accept an apology from any other
Thus becoming cause for strict labelling of the victim and the wrongdoer
And yet, are we not responsible for each other?

What if we all felt sorry for a wrong deed done at the hands of one
Instead of feeling sorry for the victim of one?

What if we extended a sincere apology to the one who suffered at the hands of another
Instead of victimising the one who has already suffered?

What if instead of carrying candles to commemorate the wrongdoing at the hands of one to the other,
We sat with candles in circles seeking an apology and reflecting on how we missed out on watching each other's back that one slipped into doing something that ended up hurting another?

What if we transformed our sympathy into actively demonstrated empathy and focussed on seeing our own responsibility and seeking forgiveness first within and then without rather than fanning the flames of strife, rage and revenge?

How would a community demonstrate a scenario such as this?
What would be the outcomes of acts such as these?
Will it help in curbing the dual cycle of perpetrator and victim?
Will it help in seeing a better tomorrow?

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