Sometimes, all the time!

Sometimes you feel you're on your own and you see evidence of being surreptitiously watched out for in ways inconspicuous only for the newly initiated into the ways of the Universe or those ignorant of it, you are ever reminded of the friendly presence quietly smilin by your side~

Sept 4th
Between 5.45 am to 6.30 am
Getting ready to leave for class after a week long gap,
Not wanting to get late but wondering if I am..
Packing my tiffin,
Found a handy bag to hold the leaky vessel as if twas kept there to save the time finding one!

Walking to the bus stop, and seeing the bus glide by from a distance..
Early hour, wondering if a share auto will be up and ready but nope.
And surprise surprise!
Another bus glides in unbelievably in that early an hour!

Relaxedly, I'm well on my time
And ever thankful to the ever present magic and solidarity of the Universe ✨💖⚡