What do you want to do, Reema?

..Peace.. I want to work for world peace.. Unity..

I really don't understand what you want to do


I'll support you



Miss you dad..
You were, and will always be the only one,
The only one, who I could speak with, from my heart,
The only one, who bothered to ask, what it is I wanted when I myself hadn't known,
The only one, who actually listened at least,
The only one, who despite not understanding, always made me feel your support,
The only one, dad, the only one
And I really miss you..
I miss your presence,
Not for anything else
But the joy that seems to have run out of me
With your absence
With you around, despite anything and everything, I knew I was loved
Even if I didn't know it then
With you around, I lived in abandon, with the strength of your caring presence
Even though I didn't know it then
I see it now
Because I see I am missing something
I am missing your carefree, simple, super-caring towards all, service-for-all attitude,
I miss that space, that allowed me to be so too, freely
I miss the strength of that persona you carried, in being so humbly true
And being so direct and unassumingly innocent
You made a choice
And I respect it
You make me see it differently
And I thank you for that
I know you're there out there
Truly happy
And I can see you smiling that true smile lighting up your being
And I know that somehow you are around and watching out and guiding
Doing things, being here, like you never could before
I see you dad, thank you for the support
A lot of things are getting clear today
It is not the same anymore, after you left
And it has been coming for a while
It's time
For me to venture out now
To fulfill my destiny
With your guidance, in care of the Universe,
I am ready.


Does this bring me closer to Krishna or does it take me away from ..?


Does this bring me close.. :))

Does this.. :)))

D.. :))))

Does this bring me closer to Krishna or does it take me away from ..?


Depends on how you go next


And it drops


Does this bring me closer to Krishna or does it take me away from ..?




And I switch gears


That Stage

Where I can lie down

next to you

leaving aside all cares

of the world

as well as my own

and sleep peacefully

in the cool shade

of the benevolent warmth

of your being



'Pata nahi aaj kal logon ki soch ko kya ho gaya hai..

Ek aurat baccha liye khadi thi aur ek baithi aurat se baithne ke liye jagah maangi
Usne nahi diya baithne!
Aur toh aur, baad mein mujhe kehti hai-
'Mujhe kabhi kisine baithne nahi diya toh main kyun doon humph'

Maine toh bola usko-
'Agar aapko harami mil gaya, uska matlab yeh toh nahi na ki aap bhi harami ban jao?
Waise toh kaafi saari cheezein log karte hain, nahi karte;
Us hisaab se jaoge toh kaise bhi jo aaj yeh duniya chal rahi hai, woh bhi ruk jaaye!'

Pata nahi logon ki soch ko kya ho gaya hai..

Main hamesha sabko baithne deti hoon
Lekin mujhe abhi tak kisine baithne ko nahi bola...'


Fusht Shtandud

Which class are you in?'

I am not in any class
Which class are you in?

'Fusht Shtandud'

Why did you pour out the water?

'I come here to fill my wattter botttle when it getts over'

And he skips along
On his way back
Having me smiling disarmingly
While he turns to look back again
And say goodbye!


A spacious, rather whacky Hall of creativity,
I enter,
And look around..


'Sir!' Tapping him on the shoulder
'She's here to see you'
Sir rises, greets, listens, agrees

'Sir, can I take her to Ma'am?'
And I follow her lead.

'She is busy right now, but she'll be here, you can talk to her'
I thank her, wishing her best for her exams_

A series of moments later...



'Did your work get done?'
Almost, just the final step
How was your test?
'Was fine too' smiling wide

She goes-
Leaving an inspired tune ringing in my heart
For such spontaneous moments of kindness from such!
Such! As little as her~
What initiative and concern!

A name added to my dictionary for all that I may meet
That imbibe an open, generous, sensitive, leader like spirit such as hers

Salute O Lady!

The Process, w/Ech

Hello blog-reader! Welcome again :)

This time, I share with you something whose essence is in process too.
As Ech said it- 'Maybe try the process before you share it'
I'd say she's right and since I just had one such moment (also in process), here we are!

Now what is it that I've been blabbering on about past a whole paragraph? We shall see soon but before that allow me to express a request: This post is a bit vulnerable as it is not fully formed in the strength of its content and more than that, it actually highlights much of my own "anxieties" (for lack of another word) so please do be kind, dear reader, while you sail through it and if you find yourself resonating at places, or have your own story to share, or have experimented with 'the process' or have a way of your own, I'd be glad to hear from you!

You may read on now, I mean, right about NOW:

How are you Ech?

I am good

Your tire has worn off?

I charged yesterday

How did you charge?

How are you?

I find myself in the tire zone on and off,
and I've seen it tied up to my progress/degress at work
and the kind of energies I get from family
Basically I see myself being affected easily
by the swings of life

I know
You need more me time to battle on that

I in fact was thinking about you
How you'd said you were glad to get me time
It stayed with me

Of course
You cannot be spinning around people and things

Very true
Can you share how you go about it?
The funny thing is I've never had such issues before,
As a younger version of me,
I was much much more stable and fortified in some sense
Which probably also kept a lot of things out haha
So I went on an opening up spree
And now having done that, I know that neither is the best
and that I gotta construct a way that perhaps if it is possible
is woven with the best from both


Best would perhaps be what truly makes me feel alive and awake,
what truly works for me..

..Thank you for listening
Been wanting to get this straight for a while now

I agree
How to engage with others but not get affected
It's difficult

Tied up so intricately
How to let yourself not drown in the connection
Can you share with me


The quality of your me time?

I can't share


Because I don't know much about it

I see

We can talk and see

Yes please
Talk please
Me ears

Pressure is on my side

: ]

Now, here's where O dear patient-lovely-compassionate Reader, does gyaan start flowing from an amazing human being I have had the blessing to have known and continue to gratefully engage with now and again. The best thing about her is the straightforward, to-the-point way she conducts herself thus extracting the same from those she meets.

So, here's introducing to you- Ms. Echo Ying Xiang, an Architect by profession, a pragmatic dreamer by temperament, an unassuming person with a fiery spirit and the indomitable will of a Dragon.

Conversations with such a thinker, dreamer, doer and live-r as her are always bound to bring up treasure thus far unseen or hidden and having at least introduced the persona who made this post possible and taking care of the basic dues, let us proceed with the most crucial, most magical portion of this post, that flows so clearly and sharply smooth from her being, as you shall very shortly see:

I think you know it all,
but you are not able to do it
because you don't have the time to stable yourself,
you are tired, and you don't have time to think and consolidate

I feel for what you said

Take everything
but not have the pressure
of you having to accept them or not
Just take them in

Then when you have time, think about it

Or when you feel bothered,
think why you feel bothered

Then you get a place where you stand

Then the difficult step


You'll let it go, or you do something about it


Because most things involve with friends, family, people we care
But you know you can't change them


Not over a short period of time
What can you do
If you start to change them
You'll be bothered again
Because you will fail



Just sneaking a line here, dear Earthmate!
To make sure you did not miss the jazz!
You may go on now~

So then?

So be yourself
Be accepting
Be persistent
And detached
It's not about you or them
You tell what you think
They tell what they think


I am not very confident about last point
As I am not very good at it
Or not at all

I was just going to say
I am not sure I can really do the tell what I think bit

You don't have to

Because there's a long process of even understanding
whether what I think is even "true" or whether it even might matter O.O

In fact don't do most of the time

So at least know for ourselves what we think?

Of course

Without being judgemental or try to smoothen the sharp edges

What you think and what you feel

Being aware.. Hmm
Thank you Ech

You are welcome

And now, as the gyaan trails off leaving us quite enough to chew upon for a while,
O lovely being on Earth!
You may read on, as the topic winds up easing into mutual relief :)

I like the way you spelled out the process, to take everything in
and when we find the time, to think about it

I myself couldn't really do all the things I said

I think I get that, as I barely find myself able
to do most of what may pass from me
But this helps

A sigh just escaped me

Me too

Something inside feels relieved
And let me say
How glad I am
To be able to have this connection

Me too

Thank you Ech!

That's what I shall gently leave you with, fellow being on Earth!
If you may have something to add or an insight you'd like to share, please do so unhesitatingly~
After all, we're all in this together, this adventure on Earth called LIFE!

I especially thank Ms. Echo Ying Xiang, for this precious insolubly progressive moment *

Thank you Echo!
We wish you the best and the choicest of energies to serenade you 
And visit you over and again with all their splendour and magic
Adding more joy to the blissful spark of your being

And, on occasion of Diwali,
I dedicate this post to that light in all of us, that glows bright in shyness as we sneak a glance at it occasionally when reminded of its existence and find to our astonishment, how readily it sits with us in patience and all the suppressed glee, to listen deeply and to respond with its invaluable wisdom from the illuminating sea of radiance it imbibes and holds in itself, that leetle spark in us, oh so humblingly present, and continually enriching our lives with its gifts, its essence, if only we let it ;)


On mention of "Be yourself" as you may have noticed earlier on,
There is a curious note I'd like to share with you-
Something that has stayed with me
And comes to me each time I hear the above quoted phrase,
(not sparing the times I've said it myself)

How simple and true, innit?
There's truly a time, a progression,
That somehow takes care of things as they must be taken care of~

With a sincerely appreciative bow to that nebualic intelligence
Let's rest this post right here,
Right Now.

The Seven Stages, w/Captain Rex

This post is dedicated to a moment of grace that arose spontaneously from a question relating to the source of the intriguing image above (which currently stands as the whatsapp profile picture of the person I shall introduce very very shortly) and led to a series of precious revelations from the said person (didnt I say- very very shortly? *chuckles*)- a delightfully dynamic individual and football passionist (among many other things) Mr Rinshad Ali Khan, who is Captain to an energetic football team F. C. Dejavu and who is also ever ready to play mentor and guide to young ones seeking advice, be it in sports or even related to career and I could say without doubt, even life.

With this brief introduction setting pace to today's treasure trove --I say "brief" because his personality is blessed with many more facets that could form essays by themselves but we shall not take away from the purpose here-- hence without diverting further, let's proceed immediately!

It all started with a question(referring to the image) :

Your dp
Who's Carlitos

What followed was akin to a maha-gyaan session from what we may call, a Master (although he wouldn't call himself so) sharing the wisdom he has gleaned from his journey thus far.

For the sake of sharing the same suspense that I felt as the gems gradually were revealed, and to maintain the conversation format as it unfolded, I reproduce it here for you, word to word with shorthands made complete and only the unnecessary details edited out.

You can now brace yourself for a sure-shot thrillingly revelatory ride and thusly we proceed:

My dp is about a player name Carlos Tevez
His first team is boca juniors.


He was a star there
He rose to fame very quickly
From there he went on to the costliest and most well playing clubs in the world

And then!

Like Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventes
But then he realised he didn't find the true happiness anywhere. He realised he was the only hero Boca Juniors had, but he was only one among other heroes the big teams had


He decided to leave the money and fame and he returned back to his old and first club.

Oh wow

Where more than the number of audience in a normal match were there to receive him and welcome him back.


:) <3 That's why I changed the dp

So heartening
Meaningful <3

Yes it is! Carlos Tevez is his name

Thank you for sharing such a lovely thing!

Money cannot buy happiness and satisfaction

Very truly :)
Carlos Tevez

An Argentina football star

He made such a move, very difficult for people otherwise

Yes, he said it very clearly. It's not about the money, it's about the feeling to be a part of a team who needs him.
Definitely his old team can't afford to pay him 1/100 times what the biggest teams offered him
But his choice was clear


So he earned my Respect!
Fame is not respect! It's just the media
It's the decision to support the team who transformed him to what he is now
And that earns respect! Only 1 in a million would leave all the money, fame and stardom

Very true
Do you see yourself in him?

Yes I do, I see a sportsman in him and not a businessman

That's a great line,
To see a sportsman, not a businessman

Unfortunately that's what is happening now
People want to become a sportsman to be rich and not for the love to play or the love for the game

Not all
But this guy really brought a good mirror to the world
The way you talk, it's such a blessed way to see the world
Thank you so very much for sharing your perspective and so freely and openly standing by it
Salute Captain!

I know a true sportsman's heart maybe that's why

Because you know your own heart

And I know the reason why he did it, even though it was revealed by him.
He did it because he wanted to play the last part of his career with them, and be loyal.
He wants to make those fans happy who might have called him a betrayer when he went for better opportunities. But now since he has sufficient for his living he clearly knows it's payback time.

You read his move

He doesn't want anyone to hate him
Just like me!
What happens inside the field is never carried forward outside the field


No no. I am just talking what a sportsman feels.

Because you are one.

You must've surely shared this with the team!

No I haven't yet

Oh then you must!

Let the right time come. 

A Captain speaks!

Story will not do at this stage. I've been there too.

Been there, hmm.
Where are you now?

You mean which stage


I am in a stage of composure.

Now now, dearest fellow-being on Earth or from beyond a.k.a. Reader,
THIS is where the treasure starts pouring in, as if directed by a powerful force, speaking through this gem of a person who has internalised his learnings thus far and continues to work on his practice and is also so very open and willing to share them readily and freely, so read on lovelies!

When the game changes from aggression to composure, you change from a bull to a fox.

Oh never heard of that before
Bull I understand, but fox?

You incorporate brain into the game
Fox is wise
Till then it's all power and aggression and young blood
But then you realise you are way smart when you use your brains rather than tiring yourself like a bull


Final stage would be perfectionist. But that is way too far ahead for me
Lots more experience and training to come to the picture.
And barriers of health are what stop one from reaching this level

You mean a Master

Yes, a perfectionist is someone who makes no mistakes.
Master is the end stage!
The person who has the ability to pass on what he learnt from the pathway of a beginner to a perfectionist
He is called a master

*thumbs up*

I am still in the composure stage
I am sorry. Are you bored O.O


I just went on

I am waiting for more
More gyaan please!


These would be the stages

The Seven Stages

And trust me, most of them fail in Stage 2

How come?

'Cos they believe they already know everything, and accept nobody's advice or tips. It's the stage where we need to cut down our ego.

And then 

And then attempting is courage - a path to overcome fear
And overcome the feeling of failure


Aggression happens only when you are confident..
By this stage, you are over confident and bully everyone coming your way
And then the rest, I've told you

I'm sure you didn't bully anyone

Who said. Ofcourse I did! My body worked more than my mind. I too have played rough and tough.. Injuring everyone coming in my way.
At least till my college 2nd year..
When I was given the responsibility of college team captain.
And I realised I am now an example for the others to follow

I mean I understand that on field you may be like that
Bullies are normally those who bug people otherwise too

Ofcourse only on field! 'Cos my brain doesn't work in field at that age
But since then, I played making myself an example

Please continue

Too much of football

Say say
It's life
Please continue

Story time over

Wow, intense and clear headed
Can I translate all you've said to a blog post please?

As you can see, this is where it occurred to me that this had to be shared with more people, at least it must reach those who seek kindred spiritedness, so we continue on. Little did I know that this was not the end and there was more awesomeness to follow! You can thank me later ;)
What is even simply amazing is how freely he responds regarding the sharing of his experiences and learnings as we shall see very very very shortly and it only gets better, I assure you!!!

I'd be super excited if it reaches young kids
'Cos only when you realise your stages, you have room and a benchmark to grow
Or you just keep wandering around the same stage forever thinking there is nothing beyond

So very true
You sound like a Master already

Nooo I am not! I'll need to be a perfectionist before that
I accept I make mistakes
I need to overcome those mistakes first!

One example of a mistake please

Controlling my mind over my body


I need to be more wise like a fox. I always think now and put my brain into action but sometimes I do make moves without thinking and it goes unsuccessful
'Cos I didn't have the patience to apply my mind
I was in a hurry
I need to develop the patience!

And I'm sure you are working on it

Yes I work on it with my breathing too

Oh! How?

I try to breath normal all the time, as if there is no hurry burry
Our body panics when we breathe uneven
It predicts something is wrong.
By breathing even, I put my body to sleep and let my mind work more

You are brilliant!!!
Salute salute salute!

I am listing it clearly to you 'cos I am implementing it in my game and practising it

I'm sure else I don't see how your words could strike so clear
Tell me one thing
All that you have said
Is it all from your own experience or does it also come from other places?

Own experience!

Thought as much :)
Way to go!
And seriously thank you so very much for sharing!
Please continue

Not a word from a mentor 'cos I had 2 mentors in my life! But unfortunately they were not speakers, they were performers! Which did me no good. 'Cos I knew that I only polished my body so I moved on from them.


Since then, it was me and my passion to teach others which made me want to grasp more and more and set a benchmark for improvement

I am truly awed

And I identified and set them up. 'Cos I realised I will not work hard without limits.
And with my own experience, I say that the level 2 is the hardest
'Cos just when you learn the basics 'cos of your interest, you start to feel you are best in the world

So true XD

And then you need to kill your ego to learn from your seniors and ask them doubts.
And people with ego never ask doubts.

That's a good cue!

'Cos he/she wants to prove the world he knows everything!

Note to self too

But people who do ask, will be amazed to find how the doubts multiply and so does the depth to excel

Anyone in a composure state can say they are the best! They can cheat the world. But they cannot cheat themselves! They will definitely know when they make mistakes!

Many won't accept this part, 'cos the blame game is easier for them.

But many raise up their hand and say "my bad", which acts like a consolation for others to hold from overheated aggression.

Which only makes a team strong as a unit! 'Cos others would certainly reply "Never mind, next time!"


But if you walk off saying nothing after your mistake!
It ends up with the blame game

And then

Which ultimately breaks the team in the long run, the more you accept your fault, the more the team motivates you to excel; the more you blame others, the more the others blame you back!

Truly said
I can feel your words strongly
As if they have come straight hot from your experiences

Only one can be judge for himself to determine if he is a perfectionist.
And it takes years of practice
If you want, you can cheat the world and say you are one. But deep inside you know very well that you are not.

Repeat alert
Must be an important point!

Once you truly think you are!
Then don't stop. Move ahead and tell your brave story and hurdles and guide the others like a master to win the race like you.

You called it a race

Yes, a race to excel

Reminds me of a book- Racing Alone
Please continue

A race between your mind and body.

You don't know if it will be your health that gives up first or whether it will be your mind that hooks up with other problems and loses focus first.

That's a new perspective!
Please go on

Even the master!
The master or atleast many of them will decide to keep it as a secret. They find happiness that way!
They don't want others to reach where they reached easily!!
Others step up and tell the world so that they can tackle the hurdles even better!
They are the true masters!
The others are only masters for themselves
But not to the world

So many new perspectives!

Story over

And this time folks, it was truly the case.

I thank Mr Rinshad Ali Khan with all my being for such a wonderfully enlightening conversation that helped me see certain instances in my life in a whole new light and with a much more expanded vision spurring me on in my own practice of life. What I especially appreciate is the compassionate straightforward non-judgemental matter-of-fact manner it has all been said in the simplest of language and not without constantly holding his own self up to the scrutiny and the crystal clear evidence of working at it constantly through his own life. SALUTE!  

As you may also have felt through the course of reading,
Dear reader, what has been expounded here is not necessarily applicable to only football or sports; it in fact applies to any field of practice any of us may be engaged in, don't you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or moments :)

You can show your support for Team F C Dejavu right here with a simple click: F C Dejavu United

You may also find here another effort of his through which he guides students interested in IT for their education and career: Oman Information Technology Education and Career Guide

That said, I am glad to have had the opportunity to glean from such precise wisdom coming from an entirely unique field and person and yet so Universal, it's truly awe inspiring !!! Thank you Universe!


Thank you Rinshad!

We wish you the bestestest for your journey and look forward to more pearls of wisdom coming from your dedicated dynamic self as you progress steadily on your path!
Shine ON!

When I dare

It is in your canopy shade

That I dare

All that I dare

Lay it all bare

Oh in your care!

If I dare

It is in your bower of expanse!

That I dare

When I dare

Oh is it not fair?

That when I dare

I look to you for a glance to share?

Because when I dare

It is in your eternal grace

Oh that I dare when I dare

And when I dare

Inviting eyes full of glare

It is in your ruthless presence

That an expression of ruth do I too wear

Oh as I continue to dare~

And dare I dare

Again and oh look where!

All the time in your snare

In awe of your all-encompassing lair

Oh and still I dare as I yet dare to dare.

Of Telling

If you are going to tell me something

I’m going to hold it against you not

I’ll hold it for you

That the Universe may remember

How you shone unabashedly

That the Universe may consider

Breathing life into it-

In an amused disposition, 

Befitting the spirit of eternal curiosity

And show you over time

How you DO shine unabashedly.


I have the words, the intent, the will

You have the means

My job is to hold this space

Even when there is none to take it

Or there are many to shake it

A space that safeguards

The spark that makes us who we are~


When you do anything in the spirit of understanding,

All the things you know

Are aligned and directed towards absorbing the new

In acknowledgement ofvwhat we know and what we don't.

Why Ma?

Why o why Ma?
What have I done to deserve your ire?
Why do you direct your frustration with the men at me?
You don't let your blind love allow you to express where you must
And instead you rain it all at me?

Why o why Ma?
What have I not done to deserve your poison?
Why can I not see that it is not me but you?
You don't want to see the truth because you have nothing else to rely on then
And instead you continue to berate me?

Why o why Ma?
Do I have to take your crip?
It's not your fault Ma.
It's mine. Because I listen and they don't.
If only you would see, things would be so free
But you keep trying hard to fit yourself in their mould
While I encourage you to let your own flow
Yes, it is my fault
That I don't see
How conniving the drama of this world can be
Yes, it is my fault
That I don't leave
However poisonous the blindness makes it all to be
Yes, it is my fault
That I forget
How I never belonged to this side of the world
Yes, it is my fault
That I don't know where to stop
How I still have faith that the curtains will fall and the joy of truth will be revealed
This world is unfair Ma,
Not because of what it is
But because of how you sieve it differently for them and for me
You are amazing Ma
When I am here at all moments
But the moment I venture out wanting to make something of me
You treat me differently
Your rage comes firing at me
And like a helpless cub
I know naught how to deal it
If I could either..

But I am glad ma
To not feel the heartbreak because the heart has opened into a world wide and free
And such foibles even if they come, a-moment after they pass as easily
How fortunate Ma
That your daughter has been found
In the god you try so hard to appease
When all you need is a look in and around your own self at ease
How fortunate Ma
That your daughter will not let herself be found wanting like you
In the society you try so hard to fit in
When all you need is a gentle acknowledgement in your own for the truth it speaks
How fortunate Ma
That your daughter never belonged
In the world of crafty veiled appeasements
When all you need is an honest presence with whatever it may be lovingly held in calming ease

Why o why Ma?
Then you try again
To patch up what may never mend
Because what needs mending never existed
As we belong to worlds that never met
But we meet
Daily day after day
And this may go on for eternity
How then must we be?

Universe, I ask you in a humble plea~

O Universe, I now see
The fault is not hers or of me
We just live in a world run by men visibly
While women keep it going invisibly
And the children suffer the trauma of this gap miserably
O Universe, talking it out it helped
But you see, this could again go on for eternity
Crip and talk and crip back again
Grow beyond this anonymity
O how do we?

Universe, I ask you again in humble plea~

A measure for Life

~ As I have come, so I am already returning ~

A gift from the Universe, this line prompted a further investigation of thought on how to be; my latest enquiry that has had me engaged all over the place in differing capacities with this common thread running through holding me together lest I may scatter (Phew! Thank you for that Uni*)

So, coming to the measure for life that this post indicates some speaking for,
Everything comes from somewhere and goes back somewhere innit?
Can it be a measure then?
To see the ease with which this process occurs,
The ease with which we allow the process to occur?

As an architect, it's a serious predicament
To be seeing the environment we are shaping
Or in fact even letting be shaped unscrupulously by some elements of greed
To be seeing our world losing all its softness to all things dead
To all things so very dead that they'd take a million years to find dissolution
Back to where they came from, to find home, the home they might as well end up destroying.
Looking at say a building then,
Depending on the material and the logistics of all it took to build it;
One may be able to measure the ease with which one allowed the natural process to occur?
Can that measure of ease help one guide the process such that it can be as closer home as possible?
These are prompts for now, which need much marinating that a tuned path of action may find a home
In time, when the moment is right;
When the world is ready~

Meanwhile, coming back to the essence, here's leaving you with a moment of ease ~:-)

The quieter you are;
The gentler you move~
Seeing the fluid of life
Being in harmony with it
And wanting to cause
As little disturbance as possible
As you move through
Back to where you came from~

~ As you have come, so you are already returning ~


If you fink (feel|think)
I'm going wrong somewhere
Then please communicate so to me
So we may see
If it is out of your limited perception of my world
Or out of my limited perception of your world
That you fink what you fink

It's a Win-Win, I tell you
If you may know better,
Then guide me through?
And we'll get a chance|
For some real growth:
And onward_

But if you talk not,
And keep it to yourself
An illusion you will build
Of assumptions or not
Thus causing trauma unnecessary
To me, to yourself, to the world
Is that something you'd allow?

Not me at least..
How about you?
Fink. And talk.
That we may together walk_
Allow life to flow
Unabatedly so;
As every moment you step into and let go~


Inviting you, if you may:

Restful Sunday email series revives today
In the spirit of infusing awareness and love in our activities day-to-day

Come along in curiosity|resonance if you may
Write "Subscribe" to and it's here to stay
As with you and others in comradeship we each walk our way


Restful Sundays is an email series that was started on the 16th of November, 2014 by "me"(Yay!) in an attempt to create moments of rest on the widely known day of rest (the Sundays); to create a moment for ze to be with zeself with no specific purpose or goal but only to soak in what may be presented as a prompt _A pearl_ and if open enough to it, to begin to listen to zeself while being with it. When I couldn't make it on a Sunday, it revealed an opportunity to explore the sharing of- _An Oyster_ -wherein ye could begin to extract yer own pearls as and when the moment may present itself.

And the exploration continued such with its own moments of insight and learning for me and I hope too, even for the comrades of batch 1 (whom I had added to the list by default) and batch 2 (those who I'd not spoken to in a long time and who chose to be a part of it upon asking) and so far, Restful Sunday has been reaching 40 other beings on Earth and I don't know how many from beyond ~;-)
So. Thirteen prompts down the line; I thought, that maybe now we were just fine and it was time to let it rest and so I did; HOPING that the journey would continue for each for h own. Strangely though, I started missing it because what was meant to be personal, in finding restful moments for my own self, I felt implored to share and in that sharing was it sustained; and as the sharing stopped, it beckoned for a continuance and as I see now, with a difference~

Before I proceed, I wish to thank all you people for so-far being here; at least none of you have sent in an email wishing an "Unsubscribe" while I understand that quite a few of you may not have got a moment to check 'em out-all or one with all the other things that occupy us; I just want you to find them, when you may need them most or not. I especially wish to thank those of you who have made it known to me how you have been receiving the pearls 'n' oysters and I must say that although it was not on cards to have a back-n-forth; it did gladden me to know directly from you, the way that they vibed with you. In deepest of gratitude, I received such email-acknowledgements from 10 mateys and a non-email note otherwise, from 4 such comrades; you know you and I dedicate this continuance to you for us~


Sope. Today is the 5th of April, 2015 where we begin again with a renewed sense of restfulness.
While the early prompts were in some sense random and stopped at giving perhaps a moment's rest while you stayed with it; what begins NOW, is a journey that may be not-so-random and is set upon exploring ways for that restfulness to continue into moments beyond, and perhaps arrive at a place where restfulness amidst anyness is attained and one may not have to look around or out, to find rest but simply find it within as a sustained sunday prompt for a restful week is shared and built upon over time and space in circle with people that resonate.
It's an exploration I'm keen on working with and working it with all you who may participate, so let's see how goes it and where us takes it.

As an endnote, I'd like to say, do kindly know; that the pearls that arrive at your mailstep are simple prompts that are open to YOU for forming your OWN way with them; that there is nothing to be understood exclusively or nothing to be got "right" about it; but just a listening to your ownness with it ( * )

Thank you for being with me thus far in being with you as we continue walking our journey through~ To Life!