What Life Is All About

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What Life is All About

The last rays of the sun dance on the blue green waves, as they crash onto the shore. A soft wind blows, carrying with it thin, wispy strands of sand. The last of the seagulls fly home, their wings slicing through cotton clouds tinged with blue, reflecting the colour of the oncoming midnight sky.

Her squeals of joy are heard by many a passer-by and as they turn to see where the sound is coming from, their faces light up with a smile to see the adorable little child dancing in the creamy white foam that outlines the shore. The tumbling curls frame a chubby little face creased by a dimpled smile and the occasional shouts of, "Mommy, look," are carried way up the beach, accompanied by excited gurgles.

The chubby hands try desperately to grasp the slippery sand and the tiny cotton T-shirt, which was once a starched white, is now a musty brown. The denim shorts are in a worse state and one would think that "mommy" would definitely have a tough job getting the stains out. But the mother's face is filled with love and pride. Obviously, to see her little one almost delirious with joy is worth a ton of wash load.

Suddenly, the little one is pushing something into her mother's hands. "Look mommy," the cry is almost desperate. They both gaze at the exquisite wonder of creation in the little hand, a beautiful shell tanned brown at the edges and a soft pink on the inside. They create a picture so pretty, so filled with emotion that it would be a challenge to any artist to capture the very essence of their being on canvas. The look of contentment on the child's face as she lies in her mother's arms just about matches what the latter feels as she caresses her daughter's soft curls, not unlike her own.

Then, hand in hand, they stroll up towards the dunes, away from their favourite haunt, away from the peace and serenity of it all and back to the world of reality. There exists a bond so deep that nothing or no one could possibly shatter this precious time they share together. But who knows what lies ahead?

This is what we tend to forget as we race forward in our egocentric lives. We tend to forget what is really important and what truly counts when all we have to do is stop and look around us. We will realise that what matters the most is right there, within arm's reach. It's there all around us. We have to remember that it's important and if we don't take good care of it, we may lose it sooner than we could imagine.

Lauren Lopes

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