The Symphonial Trilogy

I don't like thinking of things I'd dare not write about
I don't like writing things I'd dare not act upon
I don't like doing things I'd dare not think about

But it so happens at times,
that a persistent thought dares me to act it out
that a persistent word dares me to think it over
that a persistent act dares me to write it away

It's like a Symphonial Trilogy
Of thought, word, deed
Stimuli, Response, Completion
Action, Reaction, Explosion
Trigger, Process, Climax
Body, Mind, Soul
Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious
Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh
Creation, Operation, Destruction

It's ironical how comfortable we find ourselves being just one of the three
How hard we try to keep them separate for fear of losing sense
While all the three streams of melody are naturally gravitating into a single stream of the Song of the Universe
A single stream that is all and that is truly you

Do you hear the symphonial trilogies?
Are you letting them play the music of the Universe through you?
They try to talk to you through instinct and hunches
And when you let the impulses guide you
Your life becomes a Symphonial Trilogy of Joy and Mischief, Love and Respect, Honesty and Truth

It's funny how our tendency to define and label leaves us confined and frustrated
But that too is maybe just a stimuli for breaking free in disguise of apparent constriction?
The point is not being one or being all is it?
The point is to continue flowing this way or that, breaking the self-constructed dams of illusion
The point is to stop yourself from stopping the melodies from playing naturally
To soak in the moments of ecstatic pause among the chaos
Until a point when you end up becoming the Song of Ecstasy...?
What then?
Flow endlessly?
Or start again?
Does the trilogy ever rest?
After long continual making, pausing, breaking over ages unknown;
Don't the symphonies find you faster, like the exponential graph over time
It surely must end with a shooting up through space...
To where?
I wonder...

Or probably like Gandalf and Balrog who fell through the dark pit only to crash-land into another world
Shooting up through sky, will we shoot up through the land of another world?

There's Black, White and Grey too
But I already know the way out of that one!
Rainbow! How silly of me to forget!
There ain't no wonderless wondering in the Rainbow land!
Only a wonderful wondering stream of Septology!
Now isn't that a Sound richer than the Trilogy?

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