O You Ball of Fire

I remember that time when you went all red and sneakily peeped out of hiding now and then enticing me to play hide and seek with you
I remember that time during the lecture when I was almost nodding off to sleep when you suddenly appeared and jerked me awake with your bright array leaving me agape and disappeared with a devious chuckle
I remember that time when you sneaked through the hidden slit between the curtains watching me asleep and woke me up with your presence in a blush
I notice the times when you play with the soft-spoken drifting kids that come alive in your presence creating a dance of light and shadow
I notice the times when you bring out the rainbow from among the apparent gloom just when it seems the world would drown in tears
I notice the times when you are being over-shadowed by your friends and foes alike, only to return with an ever more dazzling presence
I notice you when your brilliance shines upon the world and the world rejoices in the various shifting shades you cast upon it creating a magic like no other
I remember each of those fleeting unregistered moments when I watched you and yet didn't see you, when I felt you watching me and even yet didn't see you
I see you now
You Ball of Fire!
Shining on the whole world without any tire
Surely it's you I talk about here and admire
If you are listening as I'm sure you are,
Just remember me:
That I truly appreciate your existence and your entire being
If ever you feel even a bit unworthy or even a bit unimportant,
Just remember that I am here:
I'll be there to remind you,
I'll be there to show you,
Just how beautiful you truly are!
I don't lie.
I speak the truth.
Trust me.
Trust yourself.


  1. yellow,white, red, orange sun-shine...

    1. Gleaming in the violet blues and greens completing the rainbow rhyme! :-)