When they validate you personally
They deny you in public
And when they validate you publicly
They deny you at a personal level
All of that validation only for some personal gain
And you simply allow it seeing in it no pain
Gradually to come to see and realise
And come to accept all the lies
That you told yourself all along
Under some god forsaken pretext of always wanting to be around
Just in case

So well
Validation is not something you ever needed anyway
Only an honest witnessing as you are allowed to let be in your own way
Only a gentle presence
A true witness in essence
Who can see and let you see
All that you are and can be
Who can hold and let you hold
All your moments warm and cold
Who can speak and let you speak
Anything you'd otherwise only squeak
Who can...
Not who must
For, a must can only with time rust
And create friction between the you that you are and the you that they see
So if they 'can'
It can, instead, lead to a willing choice
To fill the gap between the you that you are and the you that you see
For, what they see is only a fragment, from their own limitation
But what you see is the only thing that can get closest to seeing it all
So validate all if you will
But let it be in the spirit of letting be

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