Meeting at Marine Drive

A wonderful morning surprise from Akiko san and Okazu san of the Wall Art Festival fame, as we warm into the new year, right here: (click for more)

Find underneath, an english google translation (as a memoir of a precious moment) right here:

On the evening of New Year's Eve, meeting with Reema at the seaside of Mumbai Marine Lines. It is 3 minutes on foot from the station and goes to the beach. She is out of the faculty of architecture and visited an ashram school where WAF 2014 was held with introduction of Japanese friends who met while studying in Mumbai Studio. Then I support noco 2015, 2016 and the project. Currently I belong to a foundation that provides programs to improve children 's show skills and learning abilities. It is intelligent and thoughtful girl.

The last sunset in 2017.

"Presenting the lacquer and painter" exhibition, he listened to me very interestingly.

"I think that there are children who are doing woodworking for their friends, I think they are very interested.Oh, yes, if you are thinking about a lecture, if it's SEA (a school that aims for sustainable environment and architecture) or my alma mater Oh yeah, there is a workshop where people with such a will gather ... Ah, the school which is combining with the school of Haryana State involving me is also doing interesting activities Of course, I hope I can collaborate with the foundation I am working with, "Idea comes out one after another. Her home town Katch region is a well-known place for handicrafts, and it is also very close to TSOMORIRI. Even so, I have an understanding and respect for the accumulation of time and effort in the background of handicrafts.

What is the goal of the New Year? When asked,

"People gather and want to make places where we can talk to each other, people who are alcoholic, suicide by young people, those who become lethargic with pressure from excessive parents ... darkness falls on raw I'd like to make a foundation where people with whom there is a dialogue can come out. "

I feel that Mumbai is somewhat more comfortable than Delhi, how do you feel?

"There are a lot of streets where people are walking. Of course, Mumbai is also increasingly traveling on private cars, but there are many opportunities for people to be on the street than Delhi, as local lines are also developed It is easy to move around the city so it's easy for people and people to meet and talk easily.It is a factor, but I have to leave Mumbai several times a month to go to more natural areas like Dahanu I suppose. "

Lastly, Reema (the far right) mom and Okashima gather together and get sweets from Kachi region.

The sweetness that the spice gave me hint was super delicious.

Along the coast, people crowded with people trying to celebrate the New Year, people were also on the street.

Fireworks and firecrackers were in the vicinity of the inn.

On an Indian friend's Facebook timeline,

Hope "Fight with everyone at a party on New Year's Eve"

Reality "Spend one person in bed"

I thought that there are several kinds of images like it and I remember somewhere somewhere.

I went to a Chinese restaurant to eat something like Toshikoshi Soba.

I heard that there are soup noodles, so I ordered it. Once with shrimp.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit this blog this year!

In 2018, Wall Art project will step forward one step at a time.

Your encouragement, thank you very much!


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