Time for a Brake

When tyranny makes itself known
Through a voice that is your own
Know that it's time to stop that crud
Time to nip it in the bud

Know that it's time for a pause
Time to be quiet again
Time for listening in
Time to be with nature again

Know that it's time to reconnect with self
Time to remember you ain't the boss
Time to recollect you're in friendship with all of cosmos
And time to make space
For the love and magic of grace

This is the time to apply a brake
Time to give yourself a break
Time to give time for that, which is needed
Lest you be carried off in a current unwanted
Only to then be left with moments bitter
An outcome quite natural, of overflowing litter

So it's time to be quiet again
Time to reconnect and regain
That which seems to have been forgotten
That which in lieu of tyranny lies forsaken
Time to drop the weapons and surrender
Surrender to that seemingly elusive sense of wonder ~*~


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