Symptoms of Disconnect

Climbing up the stairs
Seeing danger 1 and 2
Entering the room
And there lurks danger 3

Laying a trap
Having planned their rap
Quick thinking
To counter the sinking feeling

Waiting for the moment
A second of break
A breakthrough
To the safety net

And the drama begins

Kindness and friendliness turning sour
Assumptions and treachery near and far
Drunk on fame and power
Playing their little game unfair

Oblivious of the viciousness of their acts
They bulldoze on
Running over life
High and blind on their ego

Unlistening and unmindful
They think they won the game
Influencing around with their fake smiles and tears
They think their pressure got them through

But they missed the point
Missed the fact that there's a law out there
Beyond the clutches of their little minds manipulative
A power that'll someday let its presence be known

The day that they won't know what got to them
The day they will remember
They made a mistake
Messing around with people's hearts

That day I hope they find it in them
To listen and acknowledge the spark in them
That drives their life in reality
And then give it space to thrive~

That day I hope they begin to connect
And build bonds with love
Instead of controlling with fear
A shift that's difficult but made easy when connected by love

That day I hope they find it in them
To open their eyes to the beauty of life
And let love supersede the baseless fears they harbor
To let light shine upon the beauty lying latent within~

Until then, we can only pray and hope
For they wouldn't listen at all
And meanwhile I hope I find it in me
To make space in my heart to be kind to them irrespective of it all~

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