The Snail Story

There is something I need to share.

Say say

There are these snails that come out at night near our home in Sidhbari
And I have seen many crushed by people who walk over it
It's hard not to walk over it if you don't walk more carefully and with a torchlight to see the snails.
I happened to crush a lot of them when I came here first. But I tried becoming more conscious about my steps and was successful in crushing none tonight.
I feel so good.

That's really so lovely <3
Thank you for sharing such a heartful moment

I feel the same applies to everything... Consciousness and the right action can bring so much joy within


It would be so much easier for me to walk over all those snails and save time and effort
But I did what my heart told me is right... and that I feel comes with genuine compassion for fellow living beings

It's so metaphorical
And very divine
Please go on
It's great to listen
You're putting to words such magical feelings!

That's the end of it... =D
I just felt like if everyone is more careful of their actions (steps in this case) then our planet would be such a wonderful place

Golden words <3
I feel so tempted to share with everyone, this experience
It's so important to remind each other
Of what truly matters
Of the preciousness of life
Of each other

It's something everyone knows deep within but tend to forget in our selfish pursuits

So very true!!
Awww thank you so very much Songbird!!

I am sharing this but I tend to consciously make mistakes myself
And I think I should be more careful too

You know, this reminds me of my own errors too

I need to walk the talk

We all do

And I shall let this trail off right here my dear friend, for I shall reserve the rest of the conversation for another day as it ventured beyond the Snail Story into other things that plague us humans now and then, and thus, it shall be rightfully given its own space in a not too distant moment, so stay tuned!!

For now, I hope you enjoyed this mini (not so mini for many perhaps haha!) tete-a-tete and gleaned from it your own treasures, which were perhaps shone a light upon, through this spontaneous wondrous shared moment of humaneness <3

Most of all, thank you Songbird!!! For such a heartfully precious sharing of a warm moment (*)
You keep rocking thy part o the world as we know you shall, indeed :)
SEGOA's got your back after all hehe ~;)

And YOU,
O Dear precious-lump-of-meat-with-a-mind-and-heart-that-has-everyone-a-meltin-in-thy-stolid-presence!
YOU, keep shining a light in your part of the world too, while I, rock out here, in my own ~:)

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