Ordinarily Extraordinary

We are all ordinary as such

There are moments bright
When we feel extraordinarily light
The source is always in sight
Yet we tend to overlook, try as they might

Yet yet,
Such moments over time, increase in number
And make us sit up, take notice and stare in wonder-
'They must surely be coming from somewhere yonder'
And we stretch and look afar even as we begin to rise from our slumber

Yet yet you bet,
They begin to pour in at a frequency so high
We truly begin to look around with an unbelievably relieving sigh
'There is something really afoot, a magical revelation is nigh!'
And thusly doth it reveal itself and we exclaim with an exuberant slap on the thigh!

Yes yes you bet,
It has always been that simple
That it takes not much to revive that twinkle
Just a teenie bit of a sprinkle
Breaking a smile deep into a dimple

Yes yes,
Now we see it bright and clear
It has always been oh so near
And something that we thought we must fear
Just turned out to be oh so dear

It's just been about attention, love and care
Something all of us have and can share
And when to be a source of 'em we dare
The magic of this Universe is very simply laid bare

And you know,
Just like that-
We are all extraordinary as such

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