The Seven Stages, w/Captain Rex

This post is dedicated to a moment of grace that arose spontaneously from a question relating to the source of the intriguing image above (which currently stands as the whatsapp profile picture of the person I shall introduce very very shortly) and led to a series of precious revelations from the said person (didnt I say- very very shortly? *chuckles*)- a delightfully dynamic individual and football passionist (among many other things) Mr Rinshad Ali Khan, who is Captain to an energetic football team F. C. Dejavu and who is also ever ready to play mentor and guide to young ones seeking advice, be it in sports or even related to career and I could say without doubt, even life.

With this brief introduction setting pace to today's treasure trove --I say "brief" because his personality is blessed with many more facets that could form essays by themselves but we shall not take away from the purpose here-- hence without diverting further, let's proceed immediately!

It all started with a question(referring to the image) :

Your dp
Who's Carlitos

What followed was akin to a maha-gyaan session from what we may call, a Master (although he wouldn't call himself so) sharing the wisdom he has gleaned from his journey thus far.

For the sake of sharing the same suspense that I felt as the gems gradually were revealed, and to maintain the conversation format as it unfolded, I reproduce it here for you, word to word with shorthands made complete and only the unnecessary details edited out.

You can now brace yourself for a sure-shot thrillingly revelatory ride and thusly we proceed:

My dp is about a player name Carlos Tevez
His first team is boca juniors.


He was a star there
He rose to fame very quickly
From there he went on to the costliest and most well playing clubs in the world

And then!

Like Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventes
But then he realised he didn't find the true happiness anywhere. He realised he was the only hero Boca Juniors had, but he was only one among other heroes the big teams had


He decided to leave the money and fame and he returned back to his old and first club.

Oh wow

Where more than the number of audience in a normal match were there to receive him and welcome him back.


:) <3 That's why I changed the dp

So heartening
Meaningful <3

Yes it is! Carlos Tevez is his name

Thank you for sharing such a lovely thing!

Money cannot buy happiness and satisfaction

Very truly :)
Carlos Tevez

An Argentina football star

He made such a move, very difficult for people otherwise

Yes, he said it very clearly. It's not about the money, it's about the feeling to be a part of a team who needs him.
Definitely his old team can't afford to pay him 1/100 times what the biggest teams offered him
But his choice was clear


So he earned my Respect!
Fame is not respect! It's just the media
It's the decision to support the team who transformed him to what he is now
And that earns respect! Only 1 in a million would leave all the money, fame and stardom

Very true
Do you see yourself in him?

Yes I do, I see a sportsman in him and not a businessman

That's a great line,
To see a sportsman, not a businessman

Unfortunately that's what is happening now
People want to become a sportsman to be rich and not for the love to play or the love for the game

Not all
But this guy really brought a good mirror to the world
The way you talk, it's such a blessed way to see the world
Thank you so very much for sharing your perspective and so freely and openly standing by it
Salute Captain!

I know a true sportsman's heart maybe that's why

Because you know your own heart

And I know the reason why he did it, even though it was revealed by him.
He did it because he wanted to play the last part of his career with them, and be loyal.
He wants to make those fans happy who might have called him a betrayer when he went for better opportunities. But now since he has sufficient for his living he clearly knows it's payback time.

You read his move

He doesn't want anyone to hate him
Just like me!
What happens inside the field is never carried forward outside the field


No no. I am just talking what a sportsman feels.

Because you are one.

You must've surely shared this with the team!

No I haven't yet

Oh then you must!

Let the right time come. 

A Captain speaks!

Story will not do at this stage. I've been there too.

Been there, hmm.
Where are you now?

You mean which stage


I am in a stage of composure.

Now now, dearest fellow-being on Earth or from beyond a.k.a. Reader,
THIS is where the treasure starts pouring in, as if directed by a powerful force, speaking through this gem of a person who has internalised his learnings thus far and continues to work on his practice and is also so very open and willing to share them readily and freely, so read on lovelies!

When the game changes from aggression to composure, you change from a bull to a fox.

Oh never heard of that before
Bull I understand, but fox?

You incorporate brain into the game
Fox is wise
Till then it's all power and aggression and young blood
But then you realise you are way smart when you use your brains rather than tiring yourself like a bull


Final stage would be perfectionist. But that is way too far ahead for me
Lots more experience and training to come to the picture.
And barriers of health are what stop one from reaching this level

You mean a Master

Yes, a perfectionist is someone who makes no mistakes.
Master is the end stage!
The person who has the ability to pass on what he learnt from the pathway of a beginner to a perfectionist
He is called a master

*thumbs up*

I am still in the composure stage
I am sorry. Are you bored O.O


I just went on

I am waiting for more
More gyaan please!


These would be the stages

The Seven Stages

And trust me, most of them fail in Stage 2

How come?

'Cos they believe they already know everything, and accept nobody's advice or tips. It's the stage where we need to cut down our ego.

And then 

And then attempting is courage - a path to overcome fear
And overcome the feeling of failure


Aggression happens only when you are confident..
By this stage, you are over confident and bully everyone coming your way
And then the rest, I've told you

I'm sure you didn't bully anyone

Who said. Ofcourse I did! My body worked more than my mind. I too have played rough and tough.. Injuring everyone coming in my way.
At least till my college 2nd year..
When I was given the responsibility of college team captain.
And I realised I am now an example for the others to follow

I mean I understand that on field you may be like that
Bullies are normally those who bug people otherwise too

Ofcourse only on field! 'Cos my brain doesn't work in field at that age
But since then, I played making myself an example

Please continue

Too much of football

Say say
It's life
Please continue

Story time over

Wow, intense and clear headed
Can I translate all you've said to a blog post please?

As you can see, this is where it occurred to me that this had to be shared with more people, at least it must reach those who seek kindred spiritedness, so we continue on. Little did I know that this was not the end and there was more awesomeness to follow! You can thank me later ;)
What is even simply amazing is how freely he responds regarding the sharing of his experiences and learnings as we shall see very very very shortly and it only gets better, I assure you!!!

I'd be super excited if it reaches young kids
'Cos only when you realise your stages, you have room and a benchmark to grow
Or you just keep wandering around the same stage forever thinking there is nothing beyond

So very true
You sound like a Master already

Nooo I am not! I'll need to be a perfectionist before that
I accept I make mistakes
I need to overcome those mistakes first!

One example of a mistake please

Controlling my mind over my body


I need to be more wise like a fox. I always think now and put my brain into action but sometimes I do make moves without thinking and it goes unsuccessful
'Cos I didn't have the patience to apply my mind
I was in a hurry
I need to develop the patience!

And I'm sure you are working on it

Yes I work on it with my breathing too

Oh! How?

I try to breath normal all the time, as if there is no hurry burry
Our body panics when we breathe uneven
It predicts something is wrong.
By breathing even, I put my body to sleep and let my mind work more

You are brilliant!!!
Salute salute salute!

I am listing it clearly to you 'cos I am implementing it in my game and practising it

I'm sure else I don't see how your words could strike so clear
Tell me one thing
All that you have said
Is it all from your own experience or does it also come from other places?

Own experience!

Thought as much :)
Way to go!
And seriously thank you so very much for sharing!
Please continue

Not a word from a mentor 'cos I had 2 mentors in my life! But unfortunately they were not speakers, they were performers! Which did me no good. 'Cos I knew that I only polished my body so I moved on from them.


Since then, it was me and my passion to teach others which made me want to grasp more and more and set a benchmark for improvement

I am truly awed

And I identified and set them up. 'Cos I realised I will not work hard without limits.
And with my own experience, I say that the level 2 is the hardest
'Cos just when you learn the basics 'cos of your interest, you start to feel you are best in the world

So true XD

And then you need to kill your ego to learn from your seniors and ask them doubts.
And people with ego never ask doubts.

That's a good cue!

'Cos he/she wants to prove the world he knows everything!

Note to self too

But people who do ask, will be amazed to find how the doubts multiply and so does the depth to excel

Anyone in a composure state can say they are the best! They can cheat the world. But they cannot cheat themselves! They will definitely know when they make mistakes!

Many won't accept this part, 'cos the blame game is easier for them.

But many raise up their hand and say "my bad", which acts like a consolation for others to hold from overheated aggression.

Which only makes a team strong as a unit! 'Cos others would certainly reply "Never mind, next time!"


But if you walk off saying nothing after your mistake!
It ends up with the blame game

And then

Which ultimately breaks the team in the long run, the more you accept your fault, the more the team motivates you to excel; the more you blame others, the more the others blame you back!

Truly said
I can feel your words strongly
As if they have come straight hot from your experiences

Only one can be judge for himself to determine if he is a perfectionist.
And it takes years of practice
If you want, you can cheat the world and say you are one. But deep inside you know very well that you are not.

Repeat alert
Must be an important point!

Once you truly think you are!
Then don't stop. Move ahead and tell your brave story and hurdles and guide the others like a master to win the race like you.

You called it a race

Yes, a race to excel

Reminds me of a book- Racing Alone
Please continue

A race between your mind and body.

You don't know if it will be your health that gives up first or whether it will be your mind that hooks up with other problems and loses focus first.

That's a new perspective!
Please go on

Even the master!
The master or atleast many of them will decide to keep it as a secret. They find happiness that way!
They don't want others to reach where they reached easily!!
Others step up and tell the world so that they can tackle the hurdles even better!
They are the true masters!
The others are only masters for themselves
But not to the world

So many new perspectives!

Story over

And this time folks, it was truly the case.

I thank Mr Rinshad Ali Khan with all my being for such a wonderfully enlightening conversation that helped me see certain instances in my life in a whole new light and with a much more expanded vision spurring me on in my own practice of life. What I especially appreciate is the compassionate straightforward non-judgemental matter-of-fact manner it has all been said in the simplest of language and not without constantly holding his own self up to the scrutiny and the crystal clear evidence of working at it constantly through his own life. SALUTE!  

As you may also have felt through the course of reading,
Dear reader, what has been expounded here is not necessarily applicable to only football or sports; it in fact applies to any field of practice any of us may be engaged in, don't you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or moments :)

You can show your support for Team F C Dejavu right here with a simple click: F C Dejavu United

You may also find here another effort of his through which he guides students interested in IT for their education and career: Oman Information Technology Education and Career Guide

That said, I am glad to have had the opportunity to glean from such precise wisdom coming from an entirely unique field and person and yet so Universal, it's truly awe inspiring !!! Thank you Universe!


Thank you Rinshad!

We wish you the bestestest for your journey and look forward to more pearls of wisdom coming from your dedicated dynamic self as you progress steadily on your path!
Shine ON!


  1. Awesome Read,
    Awesome Rinshad
    and Fantastic Writing,
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Most welcome!
      Thank you for chipping in with your own :)
      Sail on merrily!

  2. Reflection:

    'We let the brain work over the tempted body'

    So, w.r.t. work, I could've easily called up and confirmed before going all the way;
    Yet I went hoping mindlessly they would be there.. That's the bull for you! Hmm.

    Being a fox requires a readiness to not have it all, a readiness to accept a no
    A bull would go all the way for a no, a fox would first see if it's going to be a no, and then not waste energy going all the way?

    Being a fox requires some feeling of security within, which would come from observation, knowledge, experience;
    Bull is insecure and hence wants to show (s)he's doing something even though it may bear results or not and not apply the mind..

    Bull operates out of fear, motivated by outside affirmation,
    Fox works out of intelligence, motivated by inner affirmation.

    Bull thinks short term, living with the immediate, myopic perspective.
    Fox thinks long term, living with a wider, more whole perspective.

    'Not that bull is bad or anything'