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Restful Sunday email series revives today
In the spirit of infusing awareness and love in our activities day-to-day

Come along in curiosity|resonance if you may
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Restful Sundays is an email series that was started on the 16th of November, 2014 by "me"(Yay!) in an attempt to create moments of rest on the widely known day of rest (the Sundays); to create a moment for ze to be with zeself with no specific purpose or goal but only to soak in what may be presented as a prompt _A pearl_ and if open enough to it, to begin to listen to zeself while being with it. When I couldn't make it on a Sunday, it revealed an opportunity to explore the sharing of- _An Oyster_ -wherein ye could begin to extract yer own pearls as and when the moment may present itself.

And the exploration continued such with its own moments of insight and learning for me and I hope too, even for the comrades of batch 1 (whom I had added to the list by default) and batch 2 (those who I'd not spoken to in a long time and who chose to be a part of it upon asking) and so far, Restful Sunday has been reaching 40 other beings on Earth and I don't know how many from beyond ~;-)
So. Thirteen prompts down the line; I thought, that maybe now we were just fine and it was time to let it rest and so I did; HOPING that the journey would continue for each for h own. Strangely though, I started missing it because what was meant to be personal, in finding restful moments for my own self, I felt implored to share and in that sharing was it sustained; and as the sharing stopped, it beckoned for a continuance and as I see now, with a difference~

Before I proceed, I wish to thank all you people for so-far being here; at least none of you have sent in an email wishing an "Unsubscribe" while I understand that quite a few of you may not have got a moment to check 'em out-all or one with all the other things that occupy us; I just want you to find them, when you may need them most or not. I especially wish to thank those of you who have made it known to me how you have been receiving the pearls 'n' oysters and I must say that although it was not on cards to have a back-n-forth; it did gladden me to know directly from you, the way that they vibed with you. In deepest of gratitude, I received such email-acknowledgements from 10 mateys and a non-email note otherwise, from 4 such comrades; you know you and I dedicate this continuance to you for us~


Sope. Today is the 5th of April, 2015 where we begin again with a renewed sense of restfulness.
While the early prompts were in some sense random and stopped at giving perhaps a moment's rest while you stayed with it; what begins NOW, is a journey that may be not-so-random and is set upon exploring ways for that restfulness to continue into moments beyond, and perhaps arrive at a place where restfulness amidst anyness is attained and one may not have to look around or out, to find rest but simply find it within as a sustained sunday prompt for a restful week is shared and built upon over time and space in circle with people that resonate.
It's an exploration I'm keen on working with and working it with all you who may participate, so let's see how goes it and where us takes it.

As an endnote, I'd like to say, do kindly know; that the pearls that arrive at your mailstep are simple prompts that are open to YOU for forming your OWN way with them; that there is nothing to be understood exclusively or nothing to be got "right" about it; but just a listening to your ownness with it ( * )

Thank you for being with me thus far in being with you as we continue walking our journey through~ To Life!

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