A measure for Life

~ As I have come, so I am already returning ~

A gift from the Universe, this line prompted a further investigation of thought on how to be; my latest enquiry that has had me engaged all over the place in differing capacities with this common thread running through holding me together lest I may scatter (Phew! Thank you for that Uni*)

So, coming to the measure for life that this post indicates some speaking for,
Everything comes from somewhere and goes back somewhere innit?
Can it be a measure then?
To see the ease with which this process occurs,
The ease with which we allow the process to occur?

As an architect, it's a serious predicament
To be seeing the environment we are shaping
Or in fact even letting be shaped unscrupulously by some elements of greed
To be seeing our world losing all its softness to all things dead
To all things so very dead that they'd take a million years to find dissolution
Back to where they came from, to find home, the home they might as well end up destroying.
Looking at say a building then,
Depending on the material and the logistics of all it took to build it;
One may be able to measure the ease with which one allowed the natural process to occur?
Can that measure of ease help one guide the process such that it can be as closer home as possible?
These are prompts for now, which need much marinating that a tuned path of action may find a home
In time, when the moment is right;
When the world is ready~

Meanwhile, coming back to the essence, here's leaving you with a moment of ease ~:-)

The quieter you are;
The gentler you move~
Seeing the fluid of life
Being in harmony with it
And wanting to cause
As little disturbance as possible
As you move through
Back to where you came from~

~ As you have come, so you are already returning ~

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