15th December, 2014

I saw this story posted by Empower People and a rage started building up inside against those fuckers. As much as I love to be calm and peaceful about things; THIS was too much. Perhaps it was a personal tipping point for all the fucknesses I'd been hearing of lately and the mild ones I'd experienced and seen through my time on Earth that actually fucked me up a bit inside; although now I can proudly declare that although I've taken my time, I have healed enough to be able to share my views unashamedly.

It's also the first time I chose to use swear words publicly and unabashedly so. But just raging within was not enough. I had to DO something; I had to get that rage outta me lest it scorch ze own to ashes. So I let it simmer awhile within wondering if it was uncalled for, wondering if I was being unnecessarily outraged. NOPE. Not at all.

Gradually a series of constructive thoughts started building up inside and an early morning walk in the park followed by some lone time with ze rage on a bench surrounded by greens was enough for it all to start spilling into ze phone and here's sharing with you what I now feel is not as destructive as it could have been otherwise.

I'm not sure if I should edit out the swear words which I find quite redundant now but I'll let 'em be for now and will decide to edit them out later (or not).

The safest (not mindlessly hurtful) prompt that I could share alongside the link on my own wall was this:
How do we prevent such fucknesses from taking birth in gangs of stupidity?
Where does such inhumane cowardly jerky behaviour come from?

But this was not enough to calm the rage inside;
There had to be more~
And there indeed was.
Proceed only at the possible risk of getting scorched yerself.
Don't come crying to me later.
So....... take a deep breath AND here goes:
The unedited version of what poured forth of the rage inside in the park outside.

~~~~~~~X( WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted and/or the narrow minded X)~~~~~~~
X)~~~~~~~ Because beards growing from the chin under are safer than the fumes rising from the head above ~~~~~~~X(

I really don't mind being the god of hell to burn the fuckness outta those fuckers. I really hope these words become arrows and scorch them outta nowhere. They so don't know what to do with their horny dicks. Someone get them an education please! 

| Kutte saale haraami |

How DARE they dare to even touch a child. What joy, what fears drive the poor actions of such foolish ignoramuses? A BIG FAIL. FUCKERS. It's pathetic there ain't no one watching em n grounding those pricks to the point of an almost death for their fucknesses. What kind of families do they come from? What kind of a society allows such blind ignorant brutality to perpetuate? 

| Saale kutte haraami |

It's those fucking parents' and brothers' and husbands' fault that don't let their daughters and sisters and wives stand for themselves and instead weaken them with false assumed fake omnipresent protection.
It's those fucking morons' fault that watch helplessly and let such atrocities occur in broad peoplelight!
It's the raped fucking lady's fault that she was in the wrong place at a wrong time in "wrong" clothes around wrong fucking people.
It's fucking my fault that I neva bothered to engage myself with suchnesses that need not have even an inch of space to exist on Earth.
Not any more.
And I've ended up writing a long fucking essay which is gonna fuck around in yer kawai leetle brain until u find ur way with it. What a fucking irony.

| Haraami saale kutte |

And YOU.
You'd better direct your gaalis sharp and clear toward those fuckers.
We musn't kill em. 
It's not their fault.
It's that fucking society's fault that allows such fuckness to grow and fester. 
It's that fucking media's fault that nurtures such blindness;
overloading em with such fuckness without respite.

I'd have em scorching in Thunderbolt fury until they realise and accept their foolish actions 
and get em to find a way to salvage an already deep-shitted situation.
I'd hunt and find that wee leetle spark in em to help them nurture and let flourish;
to get out of the deepest of deep shit they flung themselves into by their unbridled actions.

I rest my case.
Peace reigns supreme.

Well, that was that and it's out now.
I rest my case too.

Girls and/or Boys!
Gaali on to such fucknesses unabashedly~~~~~~>

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