Restful Sundays~

A heartfelt salute to thy spirit o sailor~

I'm starting a "Restful Sunday" series where I'll be sending out a mail every Sunday with uniquenesses on earth, one at a time as I'm visited by 'em (or not)~
I don't guarantee what the focus area will be BUT I can guarantee that it will be an assortment of stuff (video/words/image) essentially tending to the well-being of thy wholeness.

Usually, I always add something to whatever I share, be it my own observation or directing thy attention to some particularity;
But with THIS series, I'm going to leave you be with the 'pearl'; to be with, how you will.
And no reply/discussion is expected/required. This has got to be something just between you and the pearl.

To subscribe, please write to with the subject as "Subscribe to Restful Sunday series" so I'll add you to the mailing list.

I hope I have covered the technicalities here.
Have a restful Sunday~

PS: I share this here by assumption on Thunderbolt's part that ze friends here would be keen on suchness. If at any moment you feel that this is not for you then feel free to write to again and simply say "Unsubscribe"; No explanation required. I'd prefer that the pearls arriving in any mail-gadget get the due respect and that the energy goes not to waste.

Thank you AND Shine on*

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