Let's Get Real.

Hi one! Hi all!

I've got to say that this place here has given me an insight into the me that is boundless and the me that is expansively free and I am so very thankful for this wonderful gift! 

Gradually I began to realise that it was fine enough to go on exploring and expressing but somewhere I started feeling a little fake ataha it started to become like an image-building activity, precisely what I sought out to avoid and in some sense break out of in the first place!

I am coming to see this as a gradual arrival to a point of convergence for the extremes of the spectrum of my life: The "real" life that I earlier lived as Reema Khudkhudia pretty unaware but yearning for the innumerable possibilities of life- something that I discovered through the "dream" life I lived as Captain Thunderbolt, a voice I discovered through expressing in here and exploring out there.

But while the former was so grounded that she could barely move, the latter was flying so untethered that she could barely get anything done. Man can she talk! But a need was felt to put into practice what was so easy to talk about- to actually live the life of her dreams. And that needs work. A LOT OF WORK. So now comes the time for Reema Thunderbolt *applause*

She aims to have one leg firmly grounded and the other one hovering above ground just like Krishna's pose so her life can be a dance, something she'd assumed she could never do.

So hop over right 'ere if thou be interested to have a glimpse: The Leetle Things

Yes it is difficult. VERY. It's like being a baby all over again learning how to be! It involves a lot of crying, desisting, dropping, falling but in the end she knows that this is how it's got to be if she doesn't want to end up living someone else's life.

Hope to see you there! This in no way means that I'm closing off here- I can see myself coming over now and again to channel a poem or a rant or when the Thunderbolt bit in me feels left out haha!

Keep visiting. Here and there or elsewhere as thy inner voice commands~
I wish you all agape!

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