Hello my dearies!

It's been a long time I have shared anything upfront and 'real', if you get what I mean?
BUT, I have some super-jazz to share with you in this post.
It's a 'game' that 'happened' in a 'random' moment at ze lovely amigo's place.

It goes simply like this:

Step 1: You pick a book.
Step 2: You open a random page.
Step 3: You read a random part.

You just had a heads up from our very own mischievous little, big Universe!

I went for 'The Hobbit' today, a book I share strong camaraderie with;
And it greeted me thusly:

"You need not try", said Thorin. "In fact if you can't talk about something else, you had better be silent. We are quite annoyed enough with you as it is. If you hadn't waked up, we should have left you to your idiotic dreams in the forest; you are no joke to carry even after weeks of short commons."

And I BURST out laughing having a sweet moment of epiphany all to myself. You see, I have been very difficult for myself for a long time (3 months on the severe side to be precise) and as a result have been a big source of worry for the people closest to me. Only yesterday, I made a wee little effort to re-connect to my good old friend and ask for help.
(Didn't think you'd respond this fast! You've been around all along eh ye sneaky?! THANK YOU Krishy!!!)
I've had a really great day considering the dead spell I've been forcing myself through AND I have my family and mi amigo to thank too for having continued faith in me!!!

Before I get overly soppy, Go get your magic moment all for yourself!

A little word of caution: Don't go overdosing on this game lest it loses all meaning. ENJOY!

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