Forget NOT to DIGEST.

Who are so heavy in intent and meaning that every moment for them is an eternity and they take their time savouring it as fully as they can.
When you reach that level, it becomes impossible to take in huge amounts of data because it just cannot do justice to the intensity with which every bit is digested.
The world calls such people slow.
For me, they are soOperfast.
Versus someone like Me.
That has super capacity to take in  huge data at once and then slowly and gradually chew on it and take my time digesting it.
(Who's thinking of cows right this moment? Me. Ahem ahem.)
For the world I am fast;
But in reality I am slow.
Because I gorge on moments while they last and only after they are gone do I begin to savour the experience.
I lag behind in processing the now which the slow guys are actually sOoperfast at.
Get it?
Then there are THOSE.
Who go on gorging without giving themselves a chance to digest anything.
Then they keep bursting in fits of anger and wonder where it comes from.
Those who eat without thinking what they eat and then wonder where the poison came from.
And then there are also THOSE.
who barely eat assuming that there's nothing they're gonna gain from it.
Which category do you think you belong in?
Is there a category I have missed? 
Kindly let me know of it and I'd be grateful for that gift.

All said,
But more importantly,
Give yourself time to DIGEST all that you have eaten.