An article on Eve-teasing came across me while I was sailing in the sea of faces (facebook ahem) and it reminded me of an amusing incident from way back in 2011. I shared it there and thought I must share it here too with my lovely friends who care to listen to what I've got to say~

So. I was walking over to my friend's place, by the main road. I was walking speedily (like most of you must know haha) lost in my thoughts and suddenly from nowhere this guy on a bike stops next to me and says something.

I snap out of my thoughts and wondering if he wanted some directions; I asked him gently: Sorry I didn't hear, can you repeat what you said? And he pointed with his eyes to my chest and feverishly said- "Good boobs" and zoomed off and away getting lost in the traffic.

Me? I RAGED and FUMED in my head X( Then realising that the deed was done and there was no use harming myself with such harsh thoughts; I wondered if I had worn anything "wrong" ? I looked down. Fully covered. My conscience said- Nope.

Then I thought, what kind of a guy is that; who stops random strangers|girls and says such unnecessary things to them? Probably his friends had dared him to do this? That could be a possibility.

One look at him also told me that he was the kind of guy that suppressed his sexuality because the society did not allow space for expressing suchness. It also told me that perhaps he had never had a friend who was a girl and was the kind of guy that is scared of talking to girls. Maybe he had a sister but he didn't think that such things could happen to her because he makes sure that his sister wears "safe" clothes so she wouldn't come to "harm". So all girls who are not his sister become free for him to stare at and make lewd remarks at; if not physically but at least in the mind. "Who's watching me anyway? I can get away with it. I haven't done any "REAL" harm no?"

Then I pondered, "Why Universe?! Why would you let this happen to me?" AND I remembered this particular moment that had happened a few months before then.

Now, I've never really watched this series called "Friends" but one fine day, I thought that if everyone's talking so much about it, there's gotta be something in it. Curiosity took over and I happened to watch an episode. In that episode, Rachel has gone to her boyfriend's parents' place for dinner or something; and her dress strap falls off and apparently that was the end for her with that guy. BUT, when she is relaying this news to her friends; they surely EXCLAIM making big Os on their faces! And she calms them down and says: Don't worry. I've got great boobs. And that's the end of that scene.

BUT it's definitely not the end of the trail it left on my mind.That line stuck. And I went O.o How can that girl say that she's got good "boobs" ? Do I have good boobs o.O?

THAT'S IT! Everything connected and I realised that the Universe gave me my answer in the least invasive awkward way possible XD AND I BURST OUT LAUGHING and continued walking with an amused expression like every dawn-of-realisaton moment leaves you with.

You are perfect. Just the way you are. And you're not gonna remain that way forever anyway. Just give yourself time. Watch yourself grow. Don't force anything on yourself. Have faith in the beauty lying dormant within you that shall bloom just when the time is perfect for YOU O:)

This also made me wonder how many such incidents and WORSE must be happening to girls all around? Who are these guys? Where do they come from? And I realised that these are the guys all around me. How do I know what they are doing behind the backs of the people they know? I then decided that day that I'm not gonna watch such nonsense that leaves such unnecessary thoughts on my mind and end up inviting unwanted incidents in my experience. Or if by any chance I happen to see something like that; I must then and there process it and not let any doubt or confusion or question remain for the Universe to answer.

That. My dear girls on Earth, is the most foolproof way for you to be yourself without running the risk of idiots coming in your way. Shine on! Fear not. The Universe has got your back. Next time, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, just be kind and tell the guy to watch out for Captain Thunderbolt's FURY ~XD~

Dear guys, I have nothing against you. I have real brothers. I have cousin brothers. I have really awesome guys who have been super AWESOME friends, even more than all the girl-friends put together! I love you all! Just don't go around treating girls like they are some property. They are individuals too. Just as much as you. Treat them with respect as much as you'd like yourself to be respected too!

Phew! Not bad. Another awesome story off my chest.

Sail on mateys! Joyfully! Not creepily PLEASE.

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