That moment of truth

Do you do your best in each moment in the process creating attachment or do you keep away? In both cases, knowing full well that in the end we all are gonna leave?....

Leave with having done something
rather than nothing
Make a difference
Fulfill your destiny

So, this was a question answer session I'd had with the Universe a few months ago when I had found myself caught up in a whirlpool of events beyond my control.

I recently revisited the blog of an old friend Mr Joe Panek who has also written about it, but much more in detail. Check it out here: The Unattached Observer

When I read this again, I found that I could trust that moment of truth of before and hence adopting it, I feel confident about sharing it with you.

I think it is pretty much the crux of what Krishna was telling Arjuna at the moment he lost his balance before the battle of Kurukshetra. Discrimination + Surrender = The way? Maybe. We'll have to see that ay?
As of now, towards the next moment of truth we sail!

So! What has been your moment of truth so far?

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