Hope and Winter

So, this was a submission for here.
Magically, when I received the notification from this blog, I was pondering how would I really write this haiku knowing nothing about it as much as the idea interested me, as much as I had no clue what I would end up writing?
Then next day on twitter, I saw that Frank Watson had posted three simple Haiku tips:

A good English haiku is usually shorter than 17 syllables,
and a good English tanka is usually shorter than 31 syllables.

Note also that the translation is 5-3-4 (11 syllables).
English usually conveys the same meaning in fewer syllables.

Early Summer rain
the crane's leg
becomes shorter

samidare ni
tsuru no ashi
mijikaku nareri

5-5-7 (not 5-7-5) #Basho #haiku (alt trans)

So I got really excited with the timing and all (Thank you Universe! And of course, thank you Frank Watson! You're my Haiku guru!) and thought that hey! that doesn't sound too difficult but I still couldn't see what I would write and how I would even be able to write TEN of them o.O?

Then the day after that, a foul mood (wintry?) happened to set in in the evening and somehow I knew I had to give this a dash as there was nothing else for me to do at that moment and this would perhaps help me regain my cheeriness. So yes, indeed through the expressing of hope and winter and through attempting to write haiku with Frank watson's guidelines; by reviving hope for winter (the concept I would say that runs through all the ten of them) I ended up reviving myself. Here goes:

One leaf to another
Who will go next?
Winter has come.

Crack in the lip
Crack in the heel
Winter is here to stay.

Cold wintry wind
Creeping crevices
O sweater my shield!

A battered sock
Santa pours dreams.

Wished for snow
A fat white cat
At the doorstep.

This is for real, though it happened before I got the mail about the Haiku submission. 
Now this feller here lives with our new neighbours and one fine afternoon
 he was found sitting at the steps and turns out that he is called Snow o.o
Now a few days earlier, while I was pondering in the kitchen,
I had asked the Universe if it was possible to send some snow this winter? Just a wee bit?
And Snow you sent indeed. Smartass. Thanks anyway and thank you Snow! For inspiring me with the haiku!

Cool breezes
Cat huddles in
Set aglow within.

Frozen unseeing hearts
Wintry freeze visits
They melt within.

Gulf widening
No heat from Earth
They close the gap.

Sneaky sunbeams
Early awakening
Winter has had her way.

Warm breezes 
Rekindling love
Winter bade farewell.

So! That was that.
Hope you enjoy Winter as long as it lasts~
'Cos Summer is just 'round the corner!

Hey! Why don't you give this a shot too?

So! Today is the 3rd of Feb, 2014.
AND LoOk who's happy ~~~~~~~>

Two mentions.
Not bad at all XD

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