Isn't air for us like water for fish?
Something we are surrounded by so much that we don't see and forget to acknowledge it?
And isn't water for us like air for fish?
Something that we can see, that sustains us?

Now imagine if you had to talk to a fish:

For you water is right there. Visible.
And you'll ask: Hey! How's the water?

The fish may just wonder what the hell is this 
Four-dangling-things-with-a-melon-on-top-fellow talkin' about?

Just the way we would have responded;
If the fish had asked us: Hey! How's the air?

And we would have wondered what the hell is this
Slimy-single-shape-of-a-thing rambling about?

But no.
Thanks to our urge to know and experience life on Earth,
We have Science.
And we know that this strange feeling of this invisible presence around us,
That keeps changing its moods and tries to communicate to us,
By getting 'cold' or 'hot' and 'breezy' or 'stormy';
Is called 'Air'.

So! We will tell the fish: The air is supercool i-don't-know-you-yet dude!

Because we have the ability to understand what we cannot see.
Aha! Now do I understand what David Foster Wallace meant!
When he used the fish story to begin his speech.
For those who prefer reading, click here.
For those who prefer watching, click here.

And YET,
the fish and us
both breathe air and need water for the same purposes innit?

We cannot survive without air for long while in case of water,
we can hold out for as long as possible until we find a source.

Funny how air can be water for someone while water can be air for another eh?
Does there really then remain any difference between air and water?
Seems like only in different contexts,
That air and water can have different experiences...

Kinda like us eh?
When we change the surrounding,
the context, the space and time in which we place ourselves,
we begin to see different sides of us no?

Coming back to FISH,
While the fish cannot survive without water when pulled out of water;
they cannot survive on air even if that is what they have got all around them.
They have no option, but to die.
Strange eh?

A moment of pattern is forming.
 Just stay with me awhile here:

What if the fish was a species designed in process;
and as more and more species were designed to do some or the other work,
every next species was designed taking care of some drawback from the previously designed species o.O?


Bazooka moment.

Creative Evolution

Hmm, not that one species is more important than the other eh?
Just that each is complete in itself for the purpose they were made?
And somehow if what all the religions have been screaming about
That 'humans' are the most preferred species by 'God',
If we take them at their word,
And If we consider Darwin's theory too;

The only thing that makes sense is that 'God' has followed a design process to create this world
And she kept on designing as per her wish and the 'programs' he wanted to be surrounded by
And gradually she got to a point where he realised,
That she had ended up creating a species that looked just like him
And that she had inadvertently created a potential god that had all the powers he had.
And that's when the bazooka moment of satisfaction may have happened for him, perhaps?
That Hey!
This was unexpected?
I can actually sit back and totally relax
while the Universe expands and contracts on its own?!

If we stay with this line of thought a bit more;
What stops us from this possibility that,
If she has sat back satisfied with her design,
The only reason can be that she is amusedly waiting for us
To realise the potential that we have,
To be like him, yet a different unique individuality?
Is that what sooooo very many gods are all about?
Is that what those incarnations are all about?

(Is that what THIS was all about Universe?)

Getting back to God,
He must have then wondered,
let me watch new gods unfurl as they realise the potential of creating themselves anew;
and I'll just hang around watching them surprise themselves and me outta our wits!
I will guide them when I feel they need it from my own experience of this process
(a little nudge does no harm eh?)
or when they call out into the void for help~

"Ask. And you shall receive"




Evolutionary Creation

You are super fishy!
I know that I started writing about fishes and humans
and the kind of amusing conversation they would have,
but YOU have totally ended up blowing my mind off.

Well, thank you for being so kind in sharing your secrets with me.
I just hope that those who may understand, find this place welcoming.
But I know, that's something I shouldn't worry about
'cos you're the one handling the guiding bit eh ye sneaky Universe? XD
Reminds me of this thing you said to Arjuna about work in the Gita.

Allow me to share it with YOU
who are privy to this strangely amusing revelation; 
A superb advice given by Krishna to Arjuna
In this new translation of the Gita for contemporary times by Rohini Gupta, right here

Not a coincidence eh that today, this very day, is being celebrated as 'Gita Jayanti'?
The day when the Gita was revealed to Arjuna by Krishna about 5000 years ago.
According to latest information as per Rohini Gupta, precisely in the year 3102 B.C.

(I'm so running out of expressions to switching lines of thought in this crazy post, anyway)
Now we have this "fishy" line of thought with us in this moment
that may become something of importance for the future generations?
Who knows? 
The only thing I know is that I am supercalifragilisticexpialidociously blown over!
By the Universe's endless kindness in being right here 'talking' to me.
No word is enough to express that feeling of this closeness, this strange oneness
yet this strangely close distance, perhaps just enough to maintain sanity?
Who knows?

But I can vouch 'For the Joy of Work' without any worry
as I am literally feeling this very moment as I end this post.

Thank YOU for being so kind in listening.
Wishing you awesomazing moments of magic on Earth!
Sail on~ People!

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