Essence in Context

When I am alone,
I am Krishna and Radha's child;
I've adopted them as my parents,
Because I understand and love them more than I have understood anyone else.

When I am with an individual,
I am the clarifying agent;
I've adopted that as my professional job,
Because I have the tools it takes for that kind of work~

When I am with people I know,
I am the connector;
I've adopted that as my personal job,
Because that's what I love to do!

When I am around people I do not know,
I am nobody;
A person that fills in the gap,
Someone that does the work nobody wants to do?

Thus in essence,
I am Krishna's flute,
His true friend, a girl;
Because it has always ached me to see his name empty on moving lips,
 His name thrown around on Earth with no meaning, no love,
I believe I have understood him,
And I'd love the world to understand him too...
A feeling I've adopted in this life on Earth

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