I Am. Who?

I am temporary.
I may be here now but who knows where I will be next in who knows what form.
What is always going to be around though, is the Universe.

Keeping in mind the perspective of the time I have got on Earth, I wish to do my best and be my best moment to moment.

I like the idea of every one of us limited selves connecting directly to this unlimited Universe instead of depending on our limited others for security; not that I have anything against that but only if the intention is to direct each other back to ourselves.

Maybe the Universe is in fact this mother of a verse that is a string of the pearl-like unique verses that every one of us is?
Maybe the point is for us limited selves to come together and help expand each other's horizons until we become unlimited, the Uni-verse?

Who am I anyway?

I am the life I have spent (lived? passed? Upto ye!) on earth
I am what I speak
I am what I write
I am what I think
I am the way I treat people (and non-people ahem)
I am every moment that I breathe
I am.

What do you want to identify with?
I don't wanna identify with Arch. so and so.
I was born with a name, that is enough
And I want to find out what she's all about.
I am Reema.
Well, atleast while I'm in a human body on Earth silly!
As such, I'm Krishna's friend really ;-)

Now, what do I want to be?

A little bit of Krishy
A little bit of Tolkien
A lot of calm
A lot of patience
A lot of faith
A lot of humility
A lot of poise
A lot of daring
A lot of courage
A lot of creativity :-)

Whoa! That's a lot of things to want to be! If there was one thing that you had to say, what would that be?


To go beyond the circumstances
To see beneath the appearances
To sense the truth. In moments. In people.
Most of all, to have courage to face it, accept it and release it.

MAGIC is what I want to be~

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