Racing Alone

I'd like to share with you the Introduction from a book I happened to notice this evening, a book that I hope to get through before it is my time to leave this place. The title of the book is "Racing Alone" by Nader Khalili and here you will find the story of where the title came from (very encouraging and pretty inspiring too)


Midway in my life I stopped racing with others. I picked up my dreams and started a gentle walk.
My dreams were of a simple house, built with human hands out of the simple materials of this world: the elements - Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.
To build a house out of earth, then fire and bake it in place, fuse it like a giant hollow rock.
The house becoming a kiln, or the kiln becoming a house.
Then to glaze this house with fire to the beauty of a ceramic glazed vessel.

I touched my dreams in reality by racing and competing with no one but myself.
Horses don't race on their own; we make them race. They simply gallop to the speed of the wind when free and exalted.
Bees don't compete, yet they all get to taste the flower; and they produce nothing less than sweet honey.
Wings don't run a contest to elevate a bird to the heights, neither does a flock of birds, and yet they all achieve the sky.
We too are created not as masses to race, but as individuals to live and transcend.
There is an endless reserve of strength in every human to reach his goal, if only this strength is spent in achieving rather than racing and competing.

I was born and raised in the Eastern world and lived and worked in the West. I have had a chance to feel the sweet and bitter taste of the contrasting cultures. During the five years of racing alone, following my dreams and aspirations and writing this book, I discovered that:
*The joy of discovering and the ecstasy of creating brought with them a greater sense of achievement than any success I had gained before by racing and competing;
*My potential for coping with the struggles and agonies surpassed any limits known to me before;
*My quests became more meaningful when my goals met with others' needs and goals. And I became important, in my own heart, only when I reached the others, as a drop of water becomes important only when it reaches the sea.

I also saw that there is a greater message in the Air than what the wavelengths bring us; a greater power in the Water than the floods; a greater wealth in the Earth than diamonds; and a greater sense to the Fire than what we touch. And if we could see what magic lies in the Fire alone, this age could once again become the age of fire.

This is one of the many precious gems sprinkled around and I can't stop the urge to share it with you. Do watch out for such invaluable treasure, especially in and around yourself; and forget not to share it if you may please.

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