11:00 a.m.
At the signal.
In the cab.

A little girl came along and asked for money to buy a 'vada pav'.
I didn't pay attention, not that I couldn't spare the money but her cheery self didn't seem like she was hungry.
It seemed like a line her innocent self was asked to repeat again and again until the listener gave her something- money or words- harsh or sweet.
So while she was on repeat mode, she noticed my open bag full of pens and exclaimed in wonder "So many pens!"
In response to that, I opened the bag wider and went ahead to give her a black ball pen which I knew I could spare.
"I want THAT one" her little fingers were pointing straight at a bright highlighter.
Of course. 'Twas just perfect!
She took it happily and off she hopped away!
Made me happy too!

This entire episode reminded me all over again how I've always yearned to give kids all around an access to colourful stationery and just watch the magical wonders unfurl!

Thank you little girl!
Thank you Universe!

Forget not.

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