The day before yesterday.
Something caught my eye:
A tiny little red clothed book among the giant heavy ones with wine glass prints wearing a sash of dancing letters : iF aT aLL
With nothing else to do in my dazed state of mind, off I went flipping through it half bothering to drink it in completely.
Yet, it compelled me to pause at certain spots- moments crystallised into a wonderful string of words that had me gaping until I could digest the fact that yes, words did have the ability to express the most inexpressible.

So, here's a passage that stuck; not unwillingly I suspect:

"...Love can be rewarding. It is the greatest joy to feel the bitter sweet pangs of love, to spend sleepless nights in anticipation of being loved in return. When love comes back, it returns without favors or fancies. It comes back in its truest, most raw form to shape the lives of two individuals who decide to be bonded in holy matrimony for a lifetime that nevertheless falls short of efforts to fulfill each other's dreams; forever and ever."

Well, as I dwelt more on the tiny book, I discovered another jazz side of it: It's been published through an unconventional way through this portal right here : http://www.serenewoods.com/ 

By the way, the book is a signed copy from the author, Unnati Narang to big bro over a trip 'round the country; another jazz called the Tata Jagriti Yatra.

Hmm not bad at all. You're doing real well Universe; thank you for your cleverly veiled guidance. Now, it's up to me eh to make something of it? Not a problem; Step one cleared right here. Over and out.

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  1. Wow...it's almost as if fate prompted you to pick up that book...