Tell Me Your Dreams

If you were to die today,
Live your life would you in what way?

If you were to die now,
Change your life would you know how?

If you were to die tomorrow,
Burn away would you your sorrow?

What do you really truly wish to do?
Tell me. We'll make it true.

What makes you feel good?
Tell me. Give me some thought for food.

Is there something you've always wanted to be?
Tell me. What dare stops you from thee?

Come on! Quick!
Pick yourself up slick!

The time is now.
I'll show you how!

Tell me all-
I won't let you fall.

No matter how this may seem,
This is indeed my dream.

Help me help you.
I'll be your friend all the way through.

I await in readiness.
All you gotta show is willingness.

Hop in. Feel free-
Tell me.


  1. These are not promises for these are not obligations;
    These are possibilities for these are true urges.
    Promises demand one to make an effort in fulfilling something;
    Possibilities demand both to make an effort to create something.
    Promises expect one to go all the way;
    Possibilities demand both to meet halfway.
    Promises made yesterday may be meaningless tomorrow;
    Possibilities seen yesterday can be realised tomorrow.
    Promises obstruct the way of freedom and transformation;
    Possibilities guide the way of freedom and transformation.
    Promises are static and have an end;
    Possibilities are dynamic and renew endlessly.
    Promises breed mistrust and a fake sense of depended security;
    Possibilities demand trust and build a real sense of self-security.
    Promises are against human nature while Possibilities are all that we naturally are.
    Possibilties are all I can show,
    To realise them, some seeds you gotta sow.
    You can be the soil and I can be the Sun,
    And come every morning renewing your faith in your self-
    'Cause faith in your self is all that you really need;
    Rest assured, all else will follow from that lead.

  2. Thanks Hiral for the mind-churn!

  3. haha! it sounded like state 5 differences between kinds! :P

  4. o.O 'People have certain risks and burdens in their existence. As soon as you die these are transformed into potentialities, and in accordance with these you will be reborn. Beyond rebirth there is the ultimate prize of the kingdom, when you transform all of the possibilities you embodied in the depths of your being into reality, and they serve others.' Randomagical moment.

  5. there is no reason for existence! n if i ever meet the creator he wud better have a GOOD excuse!