Plant Life

I shoot through the darkness of crumbly chocolaty dense cover-
The cover that had kept me hidden for a really long time...
And there! I felt the first rays of the Sun bathing me like I were his kid!
I tried looking around!
But everything was quiet..
Everyone around was pensive and tense.

I wished to screech out of happiness!!! Breathing my first breath!
As I began to do exactly that..“Shushhh!”
I wonder where'd that come from?
I look up and get a big glare from a biggy who supposedly was my community!
And I went Shush...

Gradually over time I was told that the funny unmoving brown-green creatures were my community-
And that if I wished to survive, I’d better listen to them.
But how could I in my little voice explain to them the impossibility of holding the sheer joy!!! 

Of the caresses of the wind!
The pit-pat-patter of the occasional rains!
The twinkle of the stars with the Moonglow cooling us all after a long day of swaying!
The incessant chirping of other funny small little creatures that surprisingly moved through air with such agility that I wished I could get a chance to learn from them!
Probably they are the gifted ones!
But never mind- I’ll surely learn the trick from them soon ;)

Most of all,
I was looking forward to my first encounter with those gentle magical beings who moved around places and sang such melodies that just warmed the heart!
Ok. HOLD ON! You must b wondering how do I know about them if I haven’t seen them yet aye?
Hmm, that is a question that puzzles me too but I have this strange vivid memory of their presence and I know they must exist somewhere out there!
That is something I look forward to every dawn that I open my teeny-weeny eyes just in the hope that “YESSS! Today’s the day!” and pass the day at my spot enjoying all the delights while straining my little body as far as it can go to catch just a glimpse of them only to again wake up next dawn to be energized with the same exhilarating thought that someday I shall see my best friend!
“Oops!” I hope no one’s heard me!
I look around surreptitiously to make sure there aren’t more angry upset glances in my direction.

Oh yes! I have to tell you about this strange fear that my "community" seems to b having of these beings.
Me being really curious about their existence, stretched out to the left and happened to ask him whether he had ever heard of such beings or better even seen them?
He looked dumbstruck as if I had asked him the secret of life! Duh
Well then I stretched to my right and considering that she looked like she'd been here a long time-
Thanks to the wide range of cobwebs adorning her body; you see I couldn't go up to her and ask her how long she'd been here eh? I did that once with the one on the faaaar left and I had to shrink to as low as I could, seeing the piercing stare I received in return!
Funny! I'd proudly announce my age to anyone who bothered to ask! Ain't it an achievement?
I thought she might have some answers.
She put on a whole mysterious look-
She was laughing her ass out just a moment ago!
And bending over me like a sweet-already-bent-over granny, gave me the "I-know-Everything" look only to shoo me away with a smooth shift over to "You-are-too-young-to-understand" look.
I'm sure she thought she put up a great act worth an Oscar!
But, that didn't help me at all except that I realized that the "community" knew about them but liked to put them as far away as possible.
If only they told me!
Well it doesn't matter- I know it in my heart that they are the most wonderful beings somewhere out there!

Next morning brought rivers down from the blue up there-
Seems like the air just decided to become water today!
Well I really enjoyed the surprise until the "Crack!"
The next moment I regain my senses, I thought I was sent back under cover! 
Oh no! Please let me out! Don’t punish me! Just 'cause I asked a genuine question???
But oh! I could lift myself though..
Phew! You guys aren’t that bad after all! Thanks gracious! Love you guys!
So slowly and slowly I tried lifting myself to my original posture but somehow I knew something was amiss.
I had gone shorter! 
How was it possible? I was always told that it was the law of the universe that I was supposed to grow and grow and grow until I touched the skies!
Funny that the skies decided to come down instead!
I recall that the water force was strong and that the “Oscar” lady tried to protect me from the force by hovering above me to drain the load away.
But little does she wish to accept that her engines are going loose and one of them decided to escape on this fateful day and land right on me
THAT was the Crack! 

Well it doesn’t hurt really and I’ve not really changed in case you are wondering that I myself went crack!
I’m not going to go away that easily now that I have finally found you! 
Oh shit! Did I leak the secret?! Damn! But u still don’t know how it all happened eh? All in good time...All in good time
Well so as I said, I knew something was just not right.
I grew shorter!!! 
I started imagining all sorts of things, the best of which was that I was special and that normal things just didn’t work with me!
The thought of that made me feel good. Real GOOD!
But I had to figure out where exactly was the glitch?
I feel it…My mid-left side decided to buckle under the weight.
No wonder that got me shorter! Whew!

Another good thing was that no one really noticed the change.
So it’s like a BIG secret that I keep to myself that I shall reveal to only those that I choose to!
Isn't that Awesome!?

But, this did weigh down on me and the already-inquisitive-enough-me started asking more and more questions as I felt more and more that I was different.

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