An Angel Visits

It was the day of Ekadashi so my mom and me had kept a fast. Now, my reason for the fast came from the wish to calm my long-troubled tummy ahem.

So well, in the evening, mom, me and my new neighbor Neetu go to the temple.
Somehow I’m feeling really happy (Guess it’s thanks to the overflow of realisations dawning on me)
I go around saying hello to each god and just take in the feeling of joy on seeing Krishy! Ha!
Done with that we sit at the steps and I aimlessly look around while mom and Neetu talk away the society woes.

Aaand I spot this strange man with a turban standing at the bottom with his back to the temple and shortly after he comes from within the temple and halts in front of us.
He stretches his arm forward and gives my mom a portion of the prashad (some yum sweet) and Neetu spontaneously stretches her arm forward too (I thought he intended to give only to one of us) and he gives her a portion too. I look away trying to give him space to not necessarily give it to me but he extends his hand and gives a portion to me too!
This is the whackiest part: He makes ready to leave just before saying “All the best” (he looked at me when he said that!!!) and I promptly replied with a cheery “Thank you”!
'Twas a strange encounter in  many ways-
First, cos he was a stranger (Come on!);
Second, I saw him just a while ago down there- How did he manage to finish the round of prayers so quick and come to us with the prashad?
Third, It wasn’t the prashad offered at the temple (which we had gotten anyway) instead 'twas some sweet called “milk cake” according to my mom.
Fourth, the very strange thing he said- “All the best” for what? I wonder…

Anyway, as he left, Neetu was suspicious about eating it- She said we musn’t eat anything a stranger gives to us but my mom said 'twas a temple where we received it and one can’t disrespect prashad… 
While my ears were with them, my eyes followed him down the steps where he gave a portion to some other ladies too and I saw him pop the remaining into his mouth! Tada! I exclaimed he ate it too! Now 'twudnt be risky to eat it eh?
My mind was already racing at the coming together of these strange events on an auspicious day! And I  decided 'twas God who came and gave prashad and wished me best personally!

Krishy! Was it you or one of your angels? And all the best for what? Something comes to my mind but can I trust that? Is it my mind trying to force things I want, to fit in here or is there something I’m missing?
Oh and while we were sitting Neetu and I had been discussing that we should include a visit to the temple in the morning walk we have been planning since ages but haven’t managed to make it..

Phew! Let’s see eh? But I believe 'twas you or one of your other angels!!!
Thank you Krishy soooo much!!!

PS: And indeed I know what it meant but that's a secret until my life is spent :-P

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