O you rotato Tomato!

O you Tomato!
Red and juicy you rotato!
The world is just a little bit more vibrant
A little bit more fresh and a little bit more Tangy
All thanks to thee!

Imagine I cannot what we'd do without ye
Without the gravy in the yummilicious pizza
Without the succulent red in the salad
Without the just right sourness in the dal-sabzee of mommy
Without your juicy slice in the burger
Without your blossoming red in the gardens and farms
Without your shining lustre in the fridge

O you Tomato!
You spread happiness everywhere!
The world would be unimaginable without ye!
I wish to thank you for honouring us earthlings with your presence
It is indeed valued in all sense.

I'd really love to hear your story
How you feel, what you think, how you manage through thick and thin;
Your troubles, your giggles, your wiggles and your struggles;
O you rotato Tomato! I'd like to be your friend!
How about you?
Will you be my friend?

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