No Regrets

It is 7th June, 2012.
I am at Borivali railway station waiting for a train to get back home.
While I wait at the 4th platform,
A train glides in at the 3rd.
And I see the clouds lashing out their weapon with sudden fury- Rains. Very Heavy.
That created some sparks in the electrical lines supporting the Trainy at 3rd.
3 times.
3 different spots.
Short circuit.
Rainy bashes Trainy! Ha!
While fellow beings on my platform were smiling and teasing the passengers in that train,
I felt a bit concerned like other silent few perhaps.
That train refused to move and the passengers were stranded (For how long- I know not).

Then comes gliding in 'our' train.
We get in.
The rains haven't had their fill it seems.
Except that this time 'twas our turn.
All the ladies rushed out as if there was a ticking bomb in the coach.
The hysteria spread and in no time the train was empty.
All those who were comfortably watching just a few moments ago went all hysterical when the same thing came upon them.

Now this is the most important part of the story.
I found myself extremely calm with the exception of a quickening of the beats of the heart which also surprises me.
My only concern was hoping that their silliness wouldn't end up actually killing someone.
Thankfully no.

I found myself thinking that if this was my last moment here on Earth, am I happy with the way I've lived?
Proof? I didn't feel the need to contact anyone or try to reach out to someone for whatever reason.
I knew I had given my honest best to everyone, each moment, all the time.
And there was no one to really catch up with or nothing to even regret.
Most of all, I have been true to my self each moment, if nothing else.
I am free!

Rest assured (This is becoming my favorite tagline now)
I must tell you I found myself chuckling with a knowing smile recalling the dialogue from my favorite scene from Big Fish-
"This isn't how I die?!"
I couldn’t find the clip anywhere, so here it is for you from me:

As sudden as the rain came, so sudden did it leave, exposing us to the glare of the sun.
And of course I didn’t die.
Our train says b-bye to the one at 3rd and glides away from its nemesis.

Coming home, I tell my parents about my awesome experience!
My dad quietly acknowledges it and doesn’t really say anything(I wonder what he had to say)
My mom as you might have guessed says that one shouldn’t talk about death like this and recalls and shares her sister's story who left Earth as a child very unexpectedly. I see where she comes from. 

But, I truly believe that this is the most important topic on Earth that you have got to reconcile to.
It is the only thing that can teach you how to truly live.
And I’m here to help :)

As insensitive as it may appear to you,
I wish to thank all those awesome souls who’ve left Earth ‘prematurely’ (though I’m sure knowingly) who have taught me how to live.
I dedicate this post to you- Taksheel, Jai, Dipen, Mahendra Masa.
You have lived a loving fulfilling life and have inspired me to do the same.
I’m sure you are having all sorts of adventures out there somewhere, following your dreams and I am very happy for you J Sending heartfelt gratitudal vibes to ye all.

I’d like to leave you with these lines from The Rose and the Yew Tree, A novel by Mary Westmacott a.k.a. Agatha Christie:

‘You’re going by Time. But Time doesn’t mean anything at all. Five minutes and a thousand years are equally significant.’ She quoted softly, ‘The moment of the Rose and the moment of the Yew Tree are of equal duration . . .’

All said, I really do wish for this movie - 'Death Makes Life Possible' to see the light of day.
I have pledged $2 here and hope you can contribute in your way too!

I welcome you to comment or share your views on the matter.
And any day, any time, any place, I'd be more than happy to hear your story!

Rowing on enthusiastically,
Greetings from Captain Thunderbolt,
See ye at the sea!

I am Catalyst.

I am nomadic.
I am wild.
I love drum beats.
I love nature.
I love people.
I love Krishna.
I see Krishna in everyone. In everything.
I love the Creation. This Universe.

What do I do?
I want to do everything.
I am doing nothing.
I want to be here for everyone.
I want to be with you when you call out of despair.
I want to show you the beauty that is life!
I love life!

You say dig at one place and you'll find your treasure if you dig long enough.
That's what's so awesome about all you people who have one passion driving you.
What about me?
I know there is treasure everywhere. In everyone!
In people!
People are my passion!
Your stories. Your dreams. Your wishes!

I feel like digging everywhere- Teaching you to dig?
So if I dig the surface everywhere and give you a start, you can take it through eh?
That's one thing- I like starting things. Lots of ideas!
But I can barely take anything through by myself.
See! I am nothing without you.
Oh now I know,
I must be the catalyst.

Thinking back, I have indeed been digging at one place.
10 years.
With Krishna by my side through thick and thin.
Now, I know my eternal place and I see the fruit it is bearing.
So there is nothing really left for me to do for myself.
The only urge I have is for you to drink in the magic you are blind to. The magic that is in you.

Krishna said, "They do not know how blissful I am! When I dawn in every age, there will be celebration everywhere! People will be happy, for their innocence and their good qualities (that were suppressed) will dawn and come to the surface, while the negativities and wrong actions (that had overtaken their lives), will simply drop off and disappear."

I wish to help you Krishna!
Yes, this is it.
I am Catalyst.

Give & Get > Give & Take >> Take & Lose

Have you ever wondered how easily we use the phrase "Give and take" for defining various relationships?
"Give and Take" seems so tedious.
One worries about giving and worries making plots for taking also- Doesn't it seem tiring?

I prefer "Give and Get".
Unfortunately though, today there seems to be more of "taking" going around and we have come up with something like "Take and Lose".
If everyone is bothered about only taking, of course somewhere one will have to lose.
You take from someone, someone will take from you. As simple as that.
Also, why would you painstakingly focus on taking something only to realise in the end that the happiness you thought you would feel only eludes you more?
Have you felt this killer feeling that leaves you wondering what was I after anyway?

Take and Lose = Complete NO NO.

On the other hand, let's look at "Give and Get"
Don't you love it when you get something outta the blue?!
When it comes your way like a gift?!
The same thing gives you much more joy innit?
As if a dream or a wish was fulfilled?
You give something to someone, someone will give it to you.

Imagine if all of us just focussed on giving, of course then you'll automatically get what you need eh?
You are the giver. You are the receiver.
And of course you love giving the best of you-
Giving what you'd like to get?
Coz what you give, speaks about you, doesn't it?

Give and Get >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Give and Take >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Take and Lose

Hence Proved XD

How lifey are You?

There are these rare moments.
Moments that increase in frequency as we notice them more and more-
Moments that appear now and again as we acknowledge their existence more often;
Moments where there occurs a true appreciation for the existence of the other-
Without any part of you trying hard at it.
These are what I call true moments:
Moments devoid of attachment or expectation;
Moments so full of wonder and magic!
And these moments put together is what I call life.
How lifey are you?

O you rotato Tomato!

O you Tomato!
Red and juicy you rotato!
The world is just a little bit more vibrant
A little bit more fresh and a little bit more Tangy
All thanks to thee!

Imagine I cannot what we'd do without ye
Without the gravy in the yummilicious pizza
Without the succulent red in the salad
Without the just right sourness in the dal-sabzee of mommy
Without your juicy slice in the burger
Without your blossoming red in the gardens and farms
Without your shining lustre in the fridge

O you Tomato!
You spread happiness everywhere!
The world would be unimaginable without ye!
I wish to thank you for honouring us earthlings with your presence
It is indeed valued in all sense.

I'd really love to hear your story
How you feel, what you think, how you manage through thick and thin;
Your troubles, your giggles, your wiggles and your struggles;
O you rotato Tomato! I'd like to be your friend!
How about you?
Will you be my friend?

I Wonder...

The moment I stop longing for you
You appear right out of the blue
What's even more surprising is that somehow I know it right before I see you
So there ain't no surprise, ain't no exaggerated excitement
Only a smile of knowing and a strengthened faith in rowing
On and on and on 'thout any worry
Cos I see that everything has a time and place-
More importantly, a clear state of mind- something that is in my hands?
Hasn't the power of magic been with me all along then?

God in the papers

There is a belief regarding crows that they are actually our forefathers and one must feed them chapatis to keep them happy. My mom too believes in this and follows this ritual on auspicious days. She says that they should be given warm chapatis only as they don't eat cold ones (while it doesn't matter much if we end up having to eat one or two cold ones thanks to those grey birds eh?)

One fine day, she tore a page from a random newspaper to carry the hot chapatis for the crows. While she was wrapping them up, she happened to notice an image of Lord Ganesha on the page and commented in passing that the newspapermen shouldn't put God's pictures in there -What if some mother unknowingly took off a page with God's image in it to wipe her child's shitty ass? Wouldn't that be an insult?- all this while innocently wrapping that very page around the chapatis for the crows oops our forefathers. I wonder if Ganesha ate up a few chapatis himself. Chuckles.

Anyway, I immediately got a visual (for a future movie, ahem) wherein an ignorant mother actually tears a page with God's image(Imagine Ganesha, imagine yourself on that page-oops) in it and proceeds to wiping her child's shitty ass while Ganesha grimaces most disgustedly and runs off the paper to save himself! Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaagoooooooo!
Ganesha is awesome!
Laugh On!

I'm Free!

I have faced myself.
I can face anyone.
I wish to face everyone.
I've come from anything to everything to nothing to something.
I'm awake.
I'm alive.
I'm living.
I'm loving.
I'm singing.
I'm dancing.
I'm breathing.
I'm Violet. I'm Indigo. I'm Blue. I'm Green. I'm Yellow. I'm Orange. I'm Red.
I am a perpetual Rainbow.

I have arrived.
More importantly I have survived.
I know what I'm made up of.
You! You who are reading this- you are awesomely unique too!
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Believe me.
I believe in you.
Cos I'll tell you what?
I'm free.
And I see.
The awesomeness that you can be.
Only question is, are YOU willing?

You see, there is no me.
Only a Big WE.
Somewhere in there is a sense of me.
But I'm nothing without the existence of thee.
Tell me now, Are YOU willing?

To make the world feel love for itself.
One person at a time.
One dream at a time.
That is my dream.
That is my home.
Help me get there.
Will YOU?

Love yourself.
Find yourself.
Let go of the parts of you that you don't like-Forgive.
Do that and you will have only love to give.
I guarantee.
You too are free.
Do you see?

Why Take It Personally?

What you say or think of another,
Speaks much more about you,
Than it ever will about the other.
Listen to your self.

What anyone says or thinks about you,
Speaks much more about them
Than it ever will about you.
So, why take it personally?

Ahhh now I understand the reason behind the silence of the sages.

This is fun
Whenever someone says something,
try to see or understand, what it tells you about them.
You'll be surprised at how we give ourselves away so easily.
Unless, we are aware and intentionally and consciously speak like I'm doing right now.

Well, so what does this tell you about me?
Of course that I'm your well-wisher!
Now, what does that tell you?
That I'm aware of how I'm giving myself away.
Now, what does this tell you?
That I don't mind as long as it helps.
What does that tell you?
That I'm your well-wisher.
What does all of this tell you?
That if I was in our place, this is what I would think?
Maybe, but more importantly, that I'm putting myself in the best light cos that's what I love being!
That I like giving the best of me (yikes, gave that un away)
Or, I'm sure you have come up with better and much more revealing answers,
In which case, I'd be glad to hear from you.
It's not fun exposing too much bout oneself eh? 
But I am willingly taking the risk.

This is fun. Again.
What did you think instead about me?
What does that tell you about you?
Do you like the way you think?
Does it give you joy?
Do you like being happy?
Do you like being sad?

Now always remember, this is important:
If there's something about you that you don't like;
Or if there's something about someone that you'd really like to be,
You have the magic in you to transform.
All you gotta do is show willingness for change- Open up. Let go of your old thoughts.
I guarantee you, (I speak from experience- Universe is awesome, trust me! You are awesome too!)
Automatically, things will come your way to help you out!

It is up to you how you take what comes your way!
You have all the magic you need.

If you are doubtful, it only shows, that you like being doubtful.
It also shows that you are scared.
But not to worry, just declare your fear to the Universe and the willingness to overcome it,
You'll find miraculous happenings guiding you along.

Perhaps the fact that you are reading this is one of the keys?
I don't take ownership for this- I don't expect anything out of this
For it is just an irrepressible urge to share
For I really really really wish to reach out
For I know this is important, it has been important for me,
And I really love the idea of being a medium through which the Universe can work its magic.
I am magic.
How about you?

So, did you take this personally?
How do you choose to see this?
What did you choose to take from here?
Do you like it?
If not, what would you rather choose to take?

Have questions? Ask.

Listen to yourself.
What exactly are you thinking right this moment?