The Day I Discovered Me !

I just had a very funny experience. Technically I should be infuriated at what all I had to go through for a silly little thing that otherwise should have taken at the max. 20 minutes(on bro's bike) which instead took me let's see umm..2 hours..GOSH 120 mins!

I'm nicely sitting at home surfing with excitement and wonder at my sudden discovery of Captain Thunderbolt! Can you imagine that there actually has been a bushranger by the name of Frederick Ward who went by the name of Captain Thunderbolt about a hundred years ago!?! Aaaaaahhhh I almost went crazy reading up on him (He's quite a Legend and there are lots of controversial stories out there about him which makes him all the more Awesome!) and finding out every other connection with the name I've chosen for myself. I even wonder for a moment if I was him in my previous birth? He too chose this name for him then! Anyway, there's a lot of discovering I've got to do on that end. This post is not about the exploits of the Man who also chose the same name a hundred years ago as I have now.

So while I am pursuing my temporarily assumed previous birth story, I get a call from my little brother saying that I must go and collect a document from a place, somewhere close to the railway station since he'd get late and that it was urgent. Of course I was a bit hesitant in leaving my hunt in the middle but then I thought it shouldn't take much time considering it's my normal route and max-to-max it would take me an hour.

I leave my house at 6:30 p.m. for the bus-stop, waiting for bus no. 22 that would take me to the station.
[Here, I must tell you that past few days, there has been a rickshaw strike since the rickvers(rickshaw drivers) refuse to use the meter(there's a whole big conspiracy going on out here at Mira Road by the rick Union and it has its own long story which I won't load you with considering this post seems anyway quite pointless) and I had no option but to depend on the bus.]

Oooookk now there are lots of interruptions stopping me from completing the story in my pace so I'll just end it in short for the record:

I met this lady by the name of Shaheen at the bus-stop and we nicely chatted away while the bus took its own sweet time to come. It's very unusual because 22 is always quick to come.
[Apart from all other talk, she happened to say cryptically - You must never plan- Just go with the flow- Plans never get fulfilled and in the end you are always disappointed- You must not even discuss your plans with anyone (apart from parents) cos they turn against you and your plans fail too- I'm saying this from my experience and observation-]

The bus arrived and was heavily loaded thanks to the rickvers' strike- all mashed up and squeezed up I finally reached my destination and we said farewell to each other with her very kindly inviting me to drop in at her place anytime!

Then I hunted down that particular shop with the "fat-darkish-oldish lady" in it(of course I had the address too) and there I found her typing out a case for another lady 'X' who was filing a complaint against her husband for beating her up and throwing her out of the house and she too vehemently said You musn't trust anyone. 

I find it all funny because I found them all quite sweet in the sense they were so ready to share their views and stories and so ready to help while constantly cautioning against trusting too!?
o_O Bamboozled.

Anyway I had a horrible squeezy return journey too but these strange outta-the-blue encounters are gonna stay awhile and continue to baffle me especially since the buses seemed to have conspired to quintuple the silly trip time.

NOW Back To Captain Thunderbolt Hunt!

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