Unity in Variety

Once upon an afternoon, while I lazed around in my room, the peacock feather I'd recently bought from a market caught my attention and didn't let go until I had made something of it.
I stared and stared at it and was surprised by the multitude of colours and textures in there!!! I was wonderstruck at the finesse of it and to think that it was just one feather I was staring at! How many such feathers got together and formed the peacock's body I cannot begin to imagine! They are what make a peacock a peacock! It's like a whole Universe in there!!!
My mind was blown and I'd happen to write something in that moment and would like to share it with you! But, before you start reading, I'd like you to look at a peacock feather yourself, if you don't have a real one, guess a picture should do. You must do this else all that you read now might just seem like empty words meaning nothing. In fact if you spend enough time with it, I don't think you'll need to even read further as I'm sure you yourself will find something of wonder in there and relate to it in some way! So, here goes:

I hope you have done the needful. If not, then please don't tell me I didn't warn you ok?
So here goes, for real:

The Peacock Feather is such a beautiful culmination of each strand in it, growing and getting coloured different shades so perfectly that they all come together to form a perfect rendition! From the core black at the centre merging into purple, spreading into brown that forms a pinch where starts the purple mixing gently into blue and into green forming the well-known peacock shade!
Then comes the brown background for the center piece with a pink tinge at the edge, bordered by shining green followed by a trail of pink edged again by the same green as we move forward!

Now comes the magical portion where each strand thins out for a time to form a perfectly harmonious transparent band all around, again edged by the ever-faithful shining green! Beyond this, each strand moves on in its own direction and ends up in space forming the whole picture of sheer elegance!

You must be wondering why I am describing each millimetre of the feather as you can see it anyway- I just want you to imagine those colours like the different shades our lives take on as we move forward..Just Imagine!

One wonders then, how each shape on it formed so perfectly coloured? After all, they are individual strands eh? If I were to attempt making it, I'd put together all the strands first, put them in place in the shape of the feather, draw the different shapes and bands on it and then fill them in with colour...but of course it could never come anywhere close to the real deal!

In the real deal, each strand grows in its place and knows exactly where to get what colour so that all of them could come together to form this amazing beauty! Imagine the connection between them?! o_O

I can't help but wonder what if each of us were a strand of a peacock feather? Which means that there is a time and place and extent for everything in one's life! Life knows when you shall be coloured what, coz there's a bigger plan up there!

I am sure that all of us down here with our lives are forming an amazing sight from up there...a vision so perfect and complete that if we saw it, we'd cry tears of joy at the sheer beauty of things and learn to accept that everything happens for good...for this wonderful creation- best perceived from somewhere up there!

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