The Plan

This post was actually meant for just sharing a wonderful parable called "The Little Soul and the Sun"- A beautiful story that changed the way I saw things. I had read it in a book(the THAT book), whose precious existence I came to know from another book by the same author that came to me by pure chance (or not? I Wonder...)

So, this is a story about how I got acquainted with one of the many wonders that have greeted me just when I needed some light to guide me along. And as usual, they have come to me through strange mysterious unexpected ways and have always taken me by surprise! Mostly, it's been books. So, O Dear Angelic Librarian- I dedicate this post to you! Thank you for all the treasure you've helped me find and I'm really looking forward to more such surprise visits!

Well, now I never was a fan of reading books and I always ran away from 'fat' books and so always managed to pick the 'thin' ones at School during the Library period that too just because we had to -Thanks to which - I ended up reading lots of 'I-don't-remember-the-name' (I really can't recall---there was a particularly silly series of twin sisters---quite famous among the girls o me class---tried googling but didn't help---but I really wish I'd remember---By any chance, if you know or can guess, do drop a line) books just to fill up the library card.

The turning point came when I got a book as a prize for standing third in class. (Yes, my School gave me the best gift I could ever wish for! So, A BIG THANK YOU TO I.S.W.K!) That was in the 7th standard. And the book was none other than 'Agatha Christie-Curtain Poirot's Last Case'. Now that this book was 'mine' and being a permanent resident at my home, it kept imploring me to take the journey every time I glanced at it. So one fine day I picked up the courage to go through the 200 page(just checked-my memory ain't too sharp) 'fat' ordeal. Voila! I was hooked and that was how I discovered my passion for reading. Since then, as you might have guessed already, my library cards were full of Agatha Christies with the occasional Ken Folletts and Jeffrey Archers here and there- all fiction - and I've come a long way since those first few steps towards Nirvana.

So, where was I? Oh yes, THAT book. Oh it wasn't Agatha Christie. Actually since my dad came to know that I'd started reading, he started getting random ones for me from his Library membership at his office. The first one he had brought was 'Kaleidoscope' by Danielle Steel - my first fattest(and last fattest because I've stopped running away from 'fat'(this word holds no meaning now) books. On the contrary, the way I grab any book(no matter what the size) and don't let it rest until I'm done with it, don't be surprised if you find them running away from me!) book ever until then - about 400 (I googled that) pages. It was my first encounter with a genre other than Mystery---Drama. It's about three sisters and how their lives take completely different turns after they are separated in childhood. I'd found it very distressing and yet very humbling- the lives people lead- it's quite dark and depressing especially the story of the eldest but it inspires courage.

Anyway, this wasn't the book I was talking about. It's the next book that he got me that opened another door in my life- Philosophy! And that book was 'Friendship with God' by Neale Donald Walsch. THIS book! Whoa! Just the thing I'd needed!!!(Why?! To help me believe that it was possible to be friends with God, with Krishna) Thanks Dad and Thank You again O Dear Angelic Librarian! Though I never got around to finishing it, I decided I'd get myself the rest of the series when I could.

And when did that happen?! Another totally unexpected source- My college! Turns out it's as smart and kind as my School- Only difference? They give Strand coupons instead of books-Yeah now we are old enough to choose which books we want eh? Any guesses for what I bought with my first coupon?! Yes- The Conversations With God Trilogy by Neale Donald Walsch. And now this definitely is the THAT book that I have been talking of since the beginning of an Age if you haven't forgotten thanks to the untangled tangle of tangles.

If you are wondering why I didn't just buy the books if I wanted them so bad? That's because according to  my Dad, buying books was unnecessary because one reads them once and could always just join a library and read as many as possible! I understand the logic of it but I'm sure book lovers will understand the agony of it. I prefer having the books with me even after I've read them once:
Reading a book is like being on an adventure discovering treasure along the way with the highs and the lows, the lefts and the rights knowing all along, that this book, your friend, has got your back! Why would I not like them to be with me even after the journey was over?
Anyway, the way the books found their way to me also helped me take pride and ownership in them!!!

Now that I see this post has gone really long, I shall share the parable itself(called "The Little Soul and the Sun" in case you forgot) in the next post!

PS: All in all, it's all working out pretty well You Smart Angelic Librarian! The treasure hunt must go on!

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