My friend Krishna

I do not clearly know when-
When you appeared as a friend~

It has been more than 15 years now
And my love for you only seems to grow

I wax and wane like the moon
In my remembrance of you now and then
But you,
You remain rooted in my heart
Just like the sun

I apologise for all the times I looked over you
While you hung around, just in case
I apologise for all the times I ignored you
While you showed up unequivocally, for my case
I apologise for all those times that I'd forgotten you
While you kept me in your thoughts, in any case
And I apologise for every moment that I denied you
While you always stood with open arms to embrace the ugliest of me, in every case

It is to you I run
When I run from the attacks of the world
It is to you I run
When I run from suicidal thoughts unfurled
It is to you I run
When I run from all that seems untrue
And it is to you that I will return
When my time here is due

O Krishna!
In my selfishness I always ask you
To remain by my side- through thick and thin
For even though I grow,
The child in me I can never outgrow
I know that in your shelter, I shall ever bloom
For without your loving grace, I shall only wither and meet doom
I don't care for death to call on my door
But what I dread, is the death of my soul even as I may live
I cannot imagine a fate worse than that
One which would have my doors closed to you

So in times when I shut down in fear
Come like a storm and break through my defences
And in times when doubt plagues my being
Strike like a bolt to shatter my offences
Teach me to live
Again and again
In trust and in love
Of all that is
And for all that is

O Krishna,
My dear friend,
Please count on me
To stand by your side
When treachery prevails
Please allow me
To reach out to you
When misery pervades
Please give me the strength
To lift out and set free
When shackles bind
And please trust in me
To let me be your friend
When enemies unite

They say- Give me troubles that I may never forget you!
I say- Give me yourself that I may never need anything else
For in your company,
Life takes on an adventurous tone
And in your company,
Every moment becomes a magical note
In your company, Oh Krishna!
Even the wretched smile
And your company, O Krishna!
Outweighs every and all the treasures combined.
On this celebratory day of recalling your divine birth,
May I present you with this improperly cooked verse
Please take pity and cherish each byte with full relish
Hope you receive it in enthusiasm and unbidden joy
And with your generous guffaw coupled with thy hearty slap on le back
May I be blessed in making thee thus this present~