Let's Tidy this Neat Mess

Why are we in such a mess today?

There was a time when we had larger hearts and shared freely.
That was the time when natural resources were not yet appropriated by Civilisation,
When they were nurtured by indigenous communities that freely shared from surplus or even from limited access to resources
Versus Civilisation, that would rather let surplus rot than care for dying brethren if there were no profit of it.

We are taught that Civilisation and Development are the measures of growth, but really for how long can we keep believing our self-created kinda old idea? There is only as high or wide even a tree can grow, lest it begins to disrupt the ecosystem.
The very same measures we are taught to see as a scale of achievement are today turning into evil tools of disruption.
The very same outdated and far outgrown formulas for success are now choking us to death even as we continue to dream or celebrate its ephemeral victories.

It is as if Man once dreamt of conquering Nature
And has already won over control of it but remains unsatisfied until it is completely crushed in some outdated vengeance
Not realising that the best and healthiest of "conquerors" are deemed to be those that restrain their force once the "enemy" has succumbed while the vilest of them have always been hated for their indiscriminate surge of complete destruction.

Yet, we are taught lies about false bravery and false acts of compassion while the truth within our hearts continues to die a slow death.
How far until we can listen to the ringing bells of doom and steer away from the impending path of destruction?
How far before we can begin to trust our innate conscience and think and work on new ideas and ways of co-existing?
How far do we need to still go before we realise the futile waste of our precious energy, time and resources?
How far are we from reclaiming our humanity from the clutches of our own misinformed stale ventures?
How far until we yearn and learn to breathe freely again?