I felt like I met myself after a long long time
How? I try to remember and recall
What is it that made me express or feel so?

Well, so for a long time I have been feeling like I am losing the quality of my being,
In layman terms, I feel as if I am becoming a worse person
As I brood on this, now and again
Just yesterday I reached a moment
That conclusively was declaring me as a lost case
And that very moment
A voice within roared!
Just keep trying,
Keep working at it.

Just as a knife has to be sharpened to maintain its own sharpness,
So does a person ought to work at sharpening its own sense of self
Clearing off dirt as it naturally gathers and shall
There is no reason to wallow or think it is lost

And that is precisely where
I felt I met myself
The part of me that never loses hope
That strives to stay alive and fierce in its presence
That allows one not to be hopeless
The one that cheers one up from within
The one that is most connected with the magic of the Universe

It is so easy to get absorbed in various activities
Doing this or that
And if nothing then thinking about it all
But when that moment appears
Where you are just being
In touch with the pulse of life,
THIS is what makes one come alive!
And celebrate and rejoice in abandon~

More of THIS please!

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