The end, is never the End

It rarely ever is.

Sometimes you just wish things were simple and things were straightforward.
They rarely ever are.
Here you are, dreaming at the speed of a not-yet-existant super-rocket
And there it is, life pacing its hidden blows with a squeak that misses those racing dreams but you.

You pause, and you wonder
And you let that be your jig for a while
Thinking it would help, thinking that's the best way to be until it all passes and you can breathe free
Oh but it takes energy, that precious resource-
Which chooses to be at an all-time low just when you need it most.

Sometimes you find yourself trying hard, trying too hard
To make things work, everything!
And you think you can make it, you tell yourself so-
While from within speaks a voice calm- 'Is it worth it?
You can't have yourself in two boats at the same time Missy!'
And you nevertheless trudge on, curious and yet open, every second a moment of suspense

You stretch to the limit, defying all odds and erm voices
And there!
You had it coming all along- It's this or that.
And you choose the one that hasn't had its worth measured as yet.
And you know it in your head, that same calm voice whispers- That's not worth it either!

And yet you trudge on, curious and open, not for this or that
Cos you always knew- neither was ever worth the effort
Oh but the Universe!
Which appears like a milkyway-smart dude-
Cleaning out the wrinkles in time and space
And you sit there oggling and waiting for more
Sinking into the star-dazed euphoria that only a die-hard fan could relate to
And the days that follow, pass in a quiet yet bubbling ecstasy- for you met your hero, for real.

Until it is forgotten
Until it is the end
The end which never is
Which does not exist
Only new beginnings
Of ever widening leaps of faith
Ever engulfing waves of love

With a passionate pour of tipsy moments
Enveloped in warmth and care
Of the very moment that seemed like the end
The end which wasn't
You look up sparkly eyed and whisper-
'Bring it on love'