If you fink (feel|think)
I'm going wrong somewhere
Then please communicate so to me
So we may see
If it is out of your limited perception of my world
Or out of my limited perception of your world
That you fink what you fink

It's a Win-Win, I tell you
If you may know better,
Then guide me through?
And we'll get a chance|
For some real growth:
And onward_

But if you talk not,
And keep it to yourself
An illusion you will build
Of assumptions or not
Thus causing trauma unnecessary
To me, to yourself, to the world
Is that something you'd allow?

Not me at least..
How about you?
Fink. And talk.
That we may together walk_
Allow life to flow
Unabatedly so;
As every moment you step into and let go~

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