I was scared I'd end up doing something I don't want to.
Silly me, didn't realise that I have a choice to do what I want to and especially that I also have a choice to stop doing that, when it stops being what I want to do!
I was scared because I thought I didn't know how to say no.
Now I am less scared because I know what I want:
And if I find myself in a situation where my peace is endangered,
I know I must distance myself.
So far so good.
But what is the point of having inner peace and distancing myself from the world?
That's easy.
Inevitably things from the world will keep coming to disrupt my peace and I can keep going away as long as it serves me, but there will come a point when distancing or running away disturbs my peace.
Now what?
To be where I am and to understand what it is that's troubling the world so much?
Or what it is that is troubling me about the world so much?
If I can have my peace and the world wants peace too, maybe we can work together for peace?
And it cannot happen if I am not going to be present- and I cannot be present until I have figured out how is it that I get my peace- what is it that enables me to feel peaceful and when I figure that out for myself, it becomes about being aware of that as and when something comes along to disturb it...?
To ask: 'What do you want?'
Maybe then we can work together to help each other get what the other wants.
And it helps to ask the question now and again-
Why do you want what you want?
It may reveal answers towards the essence of what is it really and truly that one wants?
More often than not, it may be love or understanding or any such basic urge; more than anything-
To be heard. 
To get some space for that individuality...?
Who knows?
But one thing's for sure: If peace is what I want, then I must become peace.
Would I like that?
I don't mind it being one aspect of me. Ahem.

By the way,
What do YOU want?
What would you like to become?