The Proposal

My dear fellow Earthling,

I come to you with a proposal,
Of a way; a way that may bring some .......
Can we give it a try?
All we may need to do, is see. And acknowledge.
The beauty we are surrounded by.

Can we for a moment just be quiet and listen?
Listen to the sound of nature; the graceful fall of a raindrop, the kind melodies of our friends that fly,
Listen to the wordless pleas of our fellow beings, the unspoken and unbidden sufferance;
Listen to the one that speaks within, from without; whether awake or asleep?

Can we for a moment stop all the noise overpowering us, drowning us?
The overfull newspapers that have forgotten the dignity of words,
The constant chatter of the box that has forgotten the silence it was born in,
The cacophony of our selves that have forgotten restraint and the joy of zero?

Can we for a moment stop and really talk? To each other?
Talk of what moves us, inspires us or what hurts us, destroys us;
Talk of how we have come along so far, how did we manage despite the darts at our growing selves;
Talk about what we dream of, what we hope for, and where do we see us going from here?

Can we for a moment stop the negativity and support and boost some positivity?
By holding someone up instead of pulling 'em down,
By acknowledging a mistake instead of denying it and shunning it,
By willing to have a discussion and to admit that one may not know everything?

Can we for a moment pause and really see each other?
See our family and our neighbours, our friends and our relatives near or distant;
See the strangers that pass by, the street dwellers that go hard by;
See and be amazed at how we carry on despite all adversity, on our own little strengths?

Can we for a moment just be?
Be happy, be sad or be funny, be mad;
Be sisters, be brothers or be children, be elders;
Be kind, be gentle or be weak, be strong?

Can we for a moment just spare a moment and dedicate a Salute?
A salute to our impossible selves,
A salute to our will to live and be happy regardless of any eventuality,
A salute to the human spirit that lives on and will live on irrespective of endless assaults?

Can we give it a try?
To see the beauty we are surrounded by,
To acknowledge the beauty that pervades within,
To accept this proposal of a way,
A way that may bring some ..... ?
Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I don't see, maybe I'm naive;
But maybe you can tell me, what do you say?

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