I feel as if I have two selves.
An Earthly self. A Universal self.
Why didn't I say 'an' Universal self? 'U' is a vowel too eh? Funny english -_- or funny me o.O?
The Earthly self makes itself apparent through petty thoughts surfacing,
Immediately after which the Universal self appears with a note- that's not what I am.
The Universal self feels like the sea, a constant presence of peace, like waves forming the backdrop to life.
The Earthly self is probably the rainbow, different shades diffused from the Universal self White.
Do I prefer one over the other?
I sure do love the sound of the Universal self though I can't deny the vibrancy of the Earthly self.
To prefer the Universal self would be to deny a million possibilities of being on Earth,
It would be a denial of the very purpose of life; that is, to Explore.
To forget the Universal self on the other hand, would be to forget that purpose,
To be on Earth and to mindlessly carry on life without any zest.
On another note,
I remember where that comes from! A jazz phrase. Thank you to you!
I feel that I am neither my soul, nor my body and not my mind either;
I get this sense as if I am
I am what? Does it suffice to say I AM?
And as if I HAVE
A soul, a body and a mind to work with here.

Do you get the feels?

As of 11-12-2013

This picture pretty much sums this post up eh?
Courtesy: A page on facebook called: Stories That Shocked The World, image titled as Boulder opal from Australia

Life is something like this 'boulder opal' innit? The earthly self is the brown (been pondering- Is there any colour more neutral than brown?) ze life on Earth; and the Universal self shows up in the cracks, ze life in an alternate reality that shines through in moments of magic ;-) What say you?


  1. I think maybe the key to life is reconciling those to selves with one another...

    1. Reconciling means "Cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible" I had to check that to be sure 'coz the word "reconciling" always gave me a sense of a compromise. But yea, I like the meaning! Harmony :-) Thank you! Though I still can't shake how the word itself doesn't stick well with the meaning for me...

  2. i feel like 'I' dont exist...as i told u earlier.."its peaceful here but, i dont know what to do with this peace!"

  3. Hmm. An excerpt from 'The Temple of Hanuman' by Shawni:

    “Between your individual self and the Universal Self, which is the atman, the difference is as darkness and light, or as illusion and the Real. The atman is not the self if by self you mean the man that you are or the life that you lead, for these in fact are at variance with the atman. The Universal Self is not yourself; it is His Self. Look for it and you might find it. Do not worship your self as if it were the atman. If the individual self is not tamed, it runs wild without direction, without purpose. He cannot die to himself, but lives again and again, finding no peace, no escape from attachments or from the wheel of samsara. Forget this illusion of yourself, this lifeless mask, and know that true Self and achieve that better life, which is union with God."

    I like the overall message of that of connecting to God, yet it sounds oppressing. Perhaps coz it's out of context? Shall leave this for marination. Ahem.