Life-saving Flare

As you set sail for thy shores distant,
Look at the water calm, serene
Masking the turmoil underneath.
Yet harbouring life in its essence.
Learn from it that if things be plain,
Life would be vain.

Hence dear captain-
I send energies for a storm to brew
And for you to take the tide in your stride.
And when your ship passes through,
The sailors look back in awe-
My captain my captain, stay awhile they beg
And chuckle you saying-
Wondrous and magical shores await me folks
Hence take your leave I must!

A million drops of gratitude to you my dearest friend for this life-saving flare, always holding out a lamp of hope when I'm out groping in the dark.


  1. I love this...what true friends are for :)

    1. Truly true! I loved it when I received it too and felt a strong urge of sharing it!