All the way Through

Wake up, shake up!
There ain't no treasure you gotta rake up!
It's all there in there, in you, in YOU!
Ain't no excuses you gotta make up, cake up!
Your honesty in your vulnerability is your cue, your CUE!
Ain't no honour you gotta stake up!
Each moment, your honour, your pride, becomes something new, so NEW!
Ain't no stories you gotta bake up!
Your story, nothing but your life story is what sticks true, truly TRUE! 
Brake up, break up!
There ain't no persona you gotta fake up!
Your individuality, your core speaks the language, the language of only a few, only a FEW!
You ain't building no dam for your abilities to lake up!
Your ability, your fragility, not holding back the best in you, that's your clue, your CLUE!
Wake up!
You've got the whole Universe, your whole self to take up
There's all of the world for you to shake up!
Wake up, quake up!
There's nothing else you gotta do, to take you through, all the way THROUGH!


  1. I love this Reema :) what a wonderful read for my Sunday morning :)

  2. Thank you Keith! Thank you Anthony! Your little sweet kind gestures make a lot of difference and spur me on!