The Water of Love

Dad: Did you water the plants yesterday?

Me: Of course YES!
(As if challenging my surety, I uncomfortably remember that in the hurry of leaving home, I'd actually forgotten to water 2 of them! Yikes!)

I immediately went off to the window with my heart beating fast hoping they are fine but am held deeply by the sight of the drooping dying leaves of one! Aloe was sturdier and managed through the H2O miss but this one...
I immediately apologise profusely to the plant while also resolving to water it daily without fail and spring to action by watering it in the hope that it will revive as if the strong yearning for it to be alright will cause it to magically transform into its healthy self again right in front of my eyes- Of course that happens only in cartoons...

Of course it didn't grow healthy instantly and I got on with other work while constantly praying for the greeny! I wasn't surprised to see in the evening that it had indeed revived and looked happy too! I thanked it a million times because it revived my faith too! Yay!

I couldn't help but draw comparison with the way we humans behave too!

We are all little plants taking care of each other with the water of love! Some of us are sturdier and manage to go without it for longer(perhaps with experience over time hardening us a bit forming a shell strong on the outside but still supple and glowing on the inside) as compared to others who find it difficult and if ignored for long, we risk losing out on the flowers and fruits that plant would bear if showered with love! So, go around sharing your fruits, sprinkling the water of love all around and see how the world blossoms with mind blowing colours shining from every particle in existence setting the Universe aglow!

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