I'm Living. Thank you. How about You?

D: So! what have you been doing these days?

(A pause. At a loss of words to describe the nothingness so full of somethingness)

Me: Living!

(A surprised look on D's face. No wonder because I'm surprised too, just hoping he wouldn't ask for an explanation-How could I possibly explain?)

D: So... what had you been doing before that?

Me(immediately with a beaming look): Dying!

(An incredulous look on D's face and he lets me be probably thinking I've gone mad; not that he wasn't suspicious anyway. Phew! At least he spared me from further questions thus sparing himself from a needlessly long incoherent attempt at an answer. God bless him with wondrous happenings on Earth!)

And I continue pondering over the hidden truth of these simple words that escaped from the knot of everythingness that surprisingly very succinctly explained the inexplicable situation!

Only today, a few moments ago did I recall the above magical happening;
After a failed (not really else how'd I have known?) sibling tete-a-tete attempt (mind you just an attempt) left me with the residues of:

Anxiety troubling me (Really this one is so pointless that it can be killed just by the question Now what?)
Trying-too-hard draining me (whoever said "try try until you succeed" never knew the idea of Letting Be)
Explaining my case losing me (The most tiring of all, easily killed by the question- So What?)

I plainly see the symptoms of dying that ATE up the living!

NOW I think I know what it means to be actually:


Nothing to Prove.   
Only a Listening!
Nothing to Approve.
Only an Unfurling!
Nothing to Improve.
Only a Grasping!
Nothing to Reprove.
Only a Seeing!

Just Remember: Don't let the PAIRs EAT away the LUGS of LIVING!

Live On dear Friend!

PS: I invite you to drop in your own addition to the PAIR LUGS!
All you've gotta do is reflect on the problematic areas in your life that you feel are draining you- Put on your detective robe and dig out your intention for that part of your life and then just transform it into something positive!

(You see, the Universe is what it is. It is the way WE see and perceive things that reflects in our lives. So if something doesn't seem fine in your life, you've only gotta transform your view of it by putting things in perspective.

A very simple example: The Wind. It is very recently (considering the 22 years on Earth I've been here) that I've actually started getting conscious of it's presence. Every time a gush comes in or a breeze goes past me- I feel as if the Wind's saying hello to me! Magic eh? But the magic, i.e. the Wind has been here all along since centuries! It's only ME that has started noticing it now! The same goes for the stars, the moon, the birds, the greenies... Though, Sun and clouds have kinda always been around for me.... Jeez. I'll stop.

So what is negative? Universe is one right? So, anything that goes against this natural oneness ends up causing trouble...The best way is to always treat others(living and non-living: There's life in everything. Everything's so Alive!) the way you'd wish to be treated yourself. So if there's something you are doing or thinking that you wouldn't want someone else to be wishing the same for you: Bingo! That's your area of work right there! Life's all about opening up eh?!)

Hey, I just got one!
Nothing to Hide; Only a Revealing.
(haha! Treasure Hunt!)

Drop in a glimpse of yer treasure! I'm listening!

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