Vincent Van Gogh- Another awesome human being who I knew little of, (Another apart from Michelagnolo (and many many others I've got acquainted with in my life)- I'd suggest reading this post first, you may choose to continue though- your wish) in fact heard of him only in college without understanding anything-I only knew there once existed an eccentric painter by that name with jazz paintings in some period of time! Ha how I now laugh at my ignorance of that time! 

One fine day towards the end of my 4th year at college, our desks were going to be shifted and we were asked to clear our lockers if we didn't want to lose our stuff. Now, I had found this book in my locker few months ago, perhaps a senior's (haven't yet found who it belongs to and ofcourse there's no name written on it if you wondered) No, it wasn't Michelangelo's biography but Vincent's (You sure guessed that didn't ye?! Awesome!) biography called- "Lust for Life". Yes, written by the very same Irving Stone- Gotta love this fellow! Thanks a million for these gems!

Now I didn't know who it belonged to, and I didn't by any means want it to be dumped anywhere without a care! So, the only option was to take it into my custody! You sure do know how I love books!?! I believe they love me too hehe! So yeah, I took it home and it became a part of my family of books in my cupboard (Someday, I'll build a home worthy of them. I know they know this haha so they put up with me as of now-Thank you!)

So, it gradually got acquainted and adjusted with its new home while I went on with my flow. I used to look at it at times and wonder when would I read it- I'd picked it once or twice and began reading but never got through few pages- something or the other got in the way or another book grabbed my attention.

One fine day, this one caught my attention like there was nothing else to do but read it NOW! I knew the time had come for a conversation with the new member! So there started this journey of great great emotion and adventure through the life of this delicate and passionate human being Vincent- his life, his love for humanity, his ventures and how he started painting, how he was misunderstood by the public but thankfully appreciated by his artist friends and his relationship with his brother-the only person who loved and understood him (Thank goodness for Theo!) There couldn't have been a more perfect time for me to have read this book! It found me right when even I didn't know I needed it!

Those were dark days for me full of doubt and questions where this came like a guiding light that started me off on an adventure so magical that I can only thank the Universe! Of course I also send many thanks to the previous caretaker of the book who left it in that locker that happened to be mine! Magic! Do you see the magic, the happenings of events so random and so strange, yet full of meaning and full of the right gifts from the Universe reaching you at the right time, rather the right state of mind?
I can see now that had I read Vincent's story at any state of mind, I wouldn't have understood or loved it as much as I do now.

Since, I loved this sooo very much, I looked up other books by the same author and found Michelangelo to be someone I'd like to know! So, I managed to take custody of The Agony and the Ecstasy through the coupons the college so kindly presents students with to appreciate their effort-Even I earned a few. I'm telling you, even this is part of the magical plan the Universe seems to have an inkling of!  

Ok now why did I love Lust for Life soooo much?-here's a secret- it's the first book that extracted H2O from my windows- Alright, the first book that got me teary-eyed! FIRST BOOK! Can you imagine the joy and confusion of that moment? I'd never thought of myself an emotional person, in fact I didn't even remember the last time I'd cried! And here, this feller just by being who he was- by having the courage to follow his dream and his love of life so beautifully composed by Irving- did the deemed impossible feat- Just like that! I was glad, because I saw myself in his life too, and rejoiced that I had a friend who'd understand and also felt sad that I wasn't there for him then! Perhaps I was- who knows? 

Anyway, this episode was just the real beginning of an understanding of who I was and what I had been doing all this while in my life- Hiding! I see that now- I had difficulty in expressing my thoughts and feelings(Yay! So I did have feelings afterall!) only because I had suppressed them all my life because I didn't know how to express and I found excuses that nobody will understand or they'll make fun of me- not entirely baseless excuses but that means I'd let few earlier embarrassing and hurtful silly incidents of my life plug myself in(Not any longer! I found those locks and released them with the key of forgiveness! I also had to forgive my self(more difficult to recognise but it's possible and true) for allowing such silly things to dampen my spirit which got me nothing but self-imagined illusory pain and darkness)

Perhaps if I hadn't spend so many years locked up within, I wouldn't have known the richness and joy of the inner world?! I see the journey began that day with the book, with the first rain washing the dust off my home, gradually opening my doors and windows that I didn't know existed, that I'd forgotten I'd closed myself, spaces I am still discovering while thanking each new key that is sent by the Universe-music, movie, books; most importantly People!- all these magical wonders that came at the right moment when as if  they knew I'd welcome them and understand their true worth?! Haha perhaps like Nanny McPhee who comes when she's needed and not when she's wanted! Hehe I'm as glad as I can be and it makes me happier to be able to share this with you- even I wish to be a medium for the Universe to reach out to those in need, to you ?!

Perhaps, you reading this post right now has some magic awaiting you? Perhaps not. That'd be your adventure with its own treasure hunt! This might just be a clue or perhaps an apparent obstruction? You decide! Are you on your treasure hunt for the keys? Are you willing to start the hunt, be more aware and open-minded just like a detective, receptive to the Universe? Come on! Believe me, if any part of what I've been talking about has got you excited even a bit, I assure you-you are in for a magical ride! If not, then perhaps your key lies elsewhere- You can't escape the magic! (Why would you want to?) It'll find you fret not! And for sure- Fear not! 'I am there' Maybe later some day you'll stumble in here and smile a smile of understanding! Don't forget to say hello!