The Strangestestest Coincidence

Hello folks! This is the story of the strangest of coincidences colliding head-on that came fully prepared to baffle me outta me wits! First, as you too must have been wary, today is 1st April- A Fool's Day! (Stating the obvious I see but anyway, I too had my guard super ready for thwarting the slightest of attempts to mar my questionable sanity.)

In the afternoon around 1 o'clock, I got a call from a landline number.
On the other end was a girl named Toral Khatri who claimed to belong to a youth group called SEGOA and asked me if I could spare a few moments to participate in one of the many experiments their group conducted.

First, I hadn't heard of any girl by that name before except that my mom used to say that she intended to name me Toral once upon a time and I actually hadn't told anyone about this.
Second, Khatri is basically my clan name so I asked her first how she got my number. She said that my cousin 'A' recommended my name.
Third, I hadn't heard about the group either but that didn't mean it didn't exist.

Surely I was suspicious that 'twas a friend just playing a prank or could be my cousin 'A' too but she didn't sound like her. I decided to play along. So I first asked her what SEGOA meant. It turns out to be "Social Experiments Group Of Anto" to which of course I say Anto must be the person who started the group? She says specifically twas Mr. Anto Fernandes who started this group and that there were 1,42,012 members already participating in this social experiment.

Now, there is this whole ANTOE deal relating to a dream I once had in which my friend S Fernandes calls me an ANTOE with that spelling exactly. Now surely I was curious no matter what and for a moment I suspected 'twas 'S' but she sounded nothing like her too!
My curiosity and a very healthy zeal for coincidences and chance encounters and Universal magic got the better of me; though mind you- My guard was still intact. I wanted to know what the whole deal was and how far one can take a prank if it was one! Also, I couldn't directly start laughing on her face assuming twas a prank 'cos what if it really was something awesome I was to be a part of? I love magical happenings! Which nut doesn't? 

So that's how I finally agreed and asked her what the experiment was about. She said that this experiment is designed to test the strength of collective energy in fulfilling individual dreams! I just have to take a piece of paper, write my deepest, truest and most heartfelt dream- something I'd like to be fulfilled. Once I do that, she asked me to visualise it to the best of my ability until I smile as if it was already fulfilled! That done, I must tear up the paper and throw it in the bin.

This seemed incredulous of course as you too might be wondering! 

I asked her how would this help the group and their experiment? She said by agreeing, I've already registered myself and that all I have to do now is go to their site and say 'yes' the day my dream is actualised!

Sounds freakishly awesome eh? Even I thought so and I saw that there wasn't anything to lose, so there was no harm in giving it a shot! Except if it was a prank, I'd be called a fool but then again, I didn't have to disclose my dream to anyone and 'twas like a silent pact, the idea of which totally appealed to me and if this was real, my dream would come true anyway!

So, still with my guard all proudly shining, I thanked her and she thanked me for listening and hung up leaving me with their Tumblr account asking me to do the activity for my own satisfaction and drop into their site on the D-day-yep, the day what I wrote got manifested!

Well, believing in the power of dreams and imagination, I did go through with this activity and now I'm all smiles with an indescribable sense of happiness surging through! You totally must try this too! It's truly magical!

Now, just looking forward to the D-day! Though I was curious to check if any of the 1,42,012 people had got their dreams fulfilled until now so I did go ahead and check the site. It's totally AWESOMAZING! You must check it out too! Here's the link:


PS: Ok, so it's 8th May, 2012 today and I'm glad to tell you that this experiment actually does work! Yeah, you guessed right- I made this whole thing up on the fool's day, but mind you- with the bestest intentions at heart! Yes, the "coincidences" are real- as real as you. No, there is no such group as SEGOA, no Toral Khatri either, but there is ME! What more do ye want eh? So go on ahead and try it. Most importantly, do not by any means forget to put a "YES" on the antoexperiments tumblr link I've provided above when your hearty happy humbly bumbly wish comes true. It'll make me verrrryyyy happyyyyy to know that it worked for you too! So, dear magical being, go on and give it a shot! Worry you must not!


  1. i did follow the steps! now i wait for it 2 b accomplished !! so tat i can come bak yes to write a bigg YESS!

  2. Yay!!! Thank you!!! Looking forward. I hear the Universe oiling its engines to get yer wish actualised !